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FASHFEST Tickets on sale NOW!

Tickets for Canberra’s most glamorous annual fashion event are on sale now and selling sizzling hot.

By Wendy Johnson (for LFW)

FF tickets image

When asked why she wanted to participate in FASHFEST, even though it means lugging a mountain of garments and other paraphernalia all the way from Melbourne, Mariska Thynne didn’t skip a beat. The fashion designer behind the label The Professor’s Daughter, has a sister who lives in the capital—a sister who attended FASHFEST last year.

“My younger sister and I go to a lot of fashion events together, including in Melbourne and Sydney,” she says. “Last year she went to FASHFEST and told me how fabulous it was. She said it was more of a spectacle and a curated show, not just a parade.

FASHFEST is a spectacle. This year will see four days of entertainment, featuring new collections by more than 30 designers, worn by around 80 models walking to the beat of music by 14 live musicians, covering a wide range of genres, from rap to jazz. Read on to find out how this spectacle works, who pulls it together, and view the Faces of FASHFEST. Continue reading

Posh Picnics!

We learnt to love picnics when travelling through Europe—so easy to fill a basket with cold saucisson and pate, yummy cheeses and breads, and a bottle of local wine—and much cheaper than eating at a fancy restaurant. Other good picnic items are pies and quiches; easy to carry and even easier to eat. We’ve been making our quiche for years and it’s based on an old (very old) Women’s Weekly recipe!

Home-made bacon and leek quiche with tossed salad

Home-made bacon and leek quiche with tossed salad

Take a look at our great ideas for an autumn picnic in the bush, and get our quiche recipe below. You can find our delish pie recipes at LFW Celebration Pies! Continue reading

Eating Pizza!

In Our Year of Eating Healthy—Yes! You can eat Pizza!

Super healthy pizza - just add your favourite toppings

Super healthy pizza – just add your favourite toppings

Pizza has got to be one of the most popular meals on the planet, and once you’ve got the base you can make it anything you want. But for those of us who are gluten free it’s not so easy to get a take-away pizza, so 99 per cent of the time we’re up for making our own, which is more fun than getting a take-away anyway. For a super-healthy (and ethical) pizza get over to Capital Region Farmers Market on Saturday mornings and get some great organic meats, and visit Choku Bai Jo (Lyneham and Curtin) for the freshest organic veggies.

Anyway, here are a couple of LFW’s favourite easy-peasy recipes for anyone to try, including regular and GF, plus a terrific ‘from scratch’ recipe from FEEDinc. Trust me, once you make your own, you’ll never get a take-away again!

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Gluten-free Cakes

LFW’s Five Best Gluten-free Cakes!

GF cake banner-page-001

Being gluten free (or wheat free) doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the nice things in life—especially cakes! We’ve tried and tested a few and are now delighted to announce the LFW Awards for the best GF cakes—it was hard work peeps, but we kept on going!

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Racing for Time…

HeartKids Hillclimb Car Race, Canberra 22 March

If you’re into fast cars and racing check out the HeartKids Hillclimb race on Sunday 22 March at Fairbairn. And when race drivers will peel their way around the sealed, 1km tarmac race track at Fairbairn they won’t be just competing to win, they’ll also be raising funds for the HeartKids Hillclimb event (free public spectator access).


Daniel Cummins in his cool black racing car

Daniel Cummins in his cool black racing car

HeartKids Hillclimb features time trial car racing action with opportunities for kids to ride around the track—slowly—in a race car. The event started in 2009 and has raised about $45,000 to date. Funds are raised through entry fees, sponsorships from business, raffle ticket sales, and food and drink sold on the day to participants and spectators.

The race track out at Fairbairn winds up and around a big hill. The event is a time trial so there’s one race car on the track at a time with race times posted on a large screen. For the HeartKids Hillclimb event, the 40 race car drivers involved do two laps with the fastest driver winning.

HeartKids Hillclimb is run by local photographer Daniel Cummins in honour of his little brother, Will, who would have been 27 this year. But Will passed away at age 12, after the heart defect he had since birth became too much for his body to take.

To honour his brother’s memory, Daniel started HeartKids Hillclimb, an event unique to the ACT. It’s held each year to raise awareness, funds and support for those with childhood heart disease. The drugs and technology used for the type of illness Will suffered have come a long way, but ongoing research and funding support is needed. HeartKids ACT and NSW join forces to raise funds.

But why a car race?

Will in his brother's car

Will in his brother’s car


Will was passionate about racing cars. He had a collection of 100 matchbox cars and a Playstation car racing game. “Getting his learner’s licence and driving a cool black car was the last thing we spoke about,” says Daniel, “but Will never made it.”

Daniel will also be racing—in his cool, black race car.

Canberra sponsors of HeartKids HillClimb 2015 are: Tongue and Groove, Ox Eatery, Gus’ Café, The Hospitality Store, Duxton, Drive GHT.


9am-4pm          Sunday 22 March          Fairbairn Park Hillclimb Track, Sutton Road

Super-Easy Super-Salads!

Simple Super-Salads for the cooler weather!

by Emma


Just because we’re coming into autumn doesn’t mean you have to forego salads. We’ve sourced and tried some great salads/side dishes that are perfect for the cooler autumn weather. Give them a go and let us know what you think! Get the recipes below.

Warm potato salad with pancetta from

Warm potato salad with pancetta from

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Fashion for Rockstars and Royalty

Rockstars and Royalty’s Reign of the Forest

by Wendy Johnson (for LFW)

It was a snippet from an interview with London designer Basia Zaryzka that led Vicky Kidd-Gallichan to name her independent fashion label. “I was living in England and heard Basia say she creates gowns for rockstars and royalty. I thought it would be a fabulous name for a business,” says Vicky. Fast forward to 2007 and Vicky had moved to Canberra and opened Rockstars and Royalty, creating pretty princess gowns, rock ‘n’ roll-inspired pieces and glamourous cocktail dresses.

Anneliese Seubert in Rockstars and Royalty - FASHFEST 2013

Anneliese Seubert in Rockstars and Royalty – FASHFEST 2013

It would be challenging to pick which side of the label suits Vicky’s personality best—no doubt it’s a bit of both. She loves colour, has been known to have bright pink hair and has a tattoos on both arms. Suffice it to say that it really doesn’t matter—everything Vicky turns her hands to turns out to be inspiring, whether fairy tale or edgy. Think, for example, about her collection, which she launched at the inaugural FASHFEST, Canberra’s four-day, red-carpet fashion event. Guests were transfixed with the beauty of each piece, including the gold and teal gown worn by the Face of FASHFEST 2013, super model Anneliese Seubert (see pic above). Her more recent Reign of the Forest collection, near and dear to Vicky’s heart, is just as stunning.

Reign of the Forest. Model - Samantha Farrow

Reign of the Forest. Model – Samantha Farrow

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WHO IS … ?

WHO IS exhibition

by Wendy Johnson (for LFW)

When Louisa de Smet was invited to incorporate furniture design into her fashion design, she didn’t skip a beat. Louisa, the local fashion designer behind the label Corr Blimey, understands the intrinsic value of quality design, no matter what the discipline. And she was even more intrigued by the invitation because of the connection to Germany. So let’s take a step back and put all of this together for you.

Designcraft, which sells a wide range of authentic Australian and international furniture—mostly top-notch lines available exclusively through their massive showroom in Hume—loves the idea of cross-pollinating local business and international brands.

Scaffold dress and Walter Knoll chair

One of their iconic lines of furniture is Walter Knoll, based in Germany and celebrating 150 years in business in 2015. Designcraft also knew of Louisa, who has visited Berlin with her partner Steven Wright several times, each time inspired by what they saw on a deep level—architecture, colours, culture and quirkiness of so many of the hidden gems they stumbled across while wandering the city’s streets. Why not bring the two together brands together and see what could transpire, thought Bob Fenderson, Managing Director of Designcraft.

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Celebration Pies!

It’s National Pie Week in the UK from 2 – 8 March. So being a POM myself, and with the cooler weather on the horizon in Canberra, we thought we’d celebrate Pie Week and check out some winter menu meals at the same time; there’s not much beats hearty and warming than a good home-made pie!

Individual beef and red wine pie

Individual beef and red wine pie

Check out our awesome (and warming) chicken, beef, and lamb pie recipes below—all ingredients are for two small pies.

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Oodles of Zoodles!

Eating Healthy with home-made Zoodles!

By Emma


We’re cooking Zoodles! Well, that’s what we call them. They’re actually zucchini noodles and are totally brilliant! If you’re watching your weight and off the noodles; GF and bored with rice noodles, or simply want to get more veggies into your diet, then try our Asian zoodle and salmon recipe—totally delish!

Asian salmon with zoodles

Asian zoodles with baked salmon

Click the link for the recipe

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