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Fasta Pasta = Healthy Pasta

Big news today is that Mars Food, the makers of Dolmio and Uncle Bens pasta sauces and meal kits, is changing its labels in the UK to issue a warning that the sauces should only be consumed ‘occasionally’ because of the their high salt, sugar, and fat content. They do not say if this will extend to Australia, and other products by Mars Food.  But seriously … who buys this stuff when it’s easy-peasy to make your own.

Dolmio labels will soon be changing to read consume 'occasionally' instead of everyday. Image - independent.co.uk

Dolmio labels will soon be changing to read consume ‘occasionally’ instead of everyday. Image – independent.co.uk

We stopped using ready-made sauces years ago, and our favourite pasta sauce is simple fresh vine-ripened tomatoes with hint of garlic and chilli. Even better if your toms come from a nice organic market such as Capital Region Farmers Market (Saturday am) or Choku Bai Jo (North Lyneham and Curtin).

So check it out. We promise you’ll never go back to ready-made sauces!

Photo by LFW

Photo by LFW

What you need: 3 – 4 large vine-ripened tomatoes, 2 cloves garlic, 1 very small red chilli (optional), and a teeny drizzle of good quality extra-virgin olive oil.

What you do: Cut your tomatoes in half and pop everything in your food processor and whiz until you get a nice thick sauce. How easy is that? If you don’t have a food processor, chop everything really finely and place in a saucepan over a low heat. Stir constantly (you don’t want it to burn) until it reduces to a nice sauce.

You can vary the sauce by including one or more of the following; a few fresh basil leaves, a couple of mushrooms, a few slices of red pepper, a couple of nice fat fresh olives from the deli, or a tablespoon of grated parmesan. However, we leave it up to people to put their own parmesan on so they can choose how much, or how little, cheese they want. Also best not to include if you’ve got dairy-free people popping round for pasta.

You can also use the basic sauce on your pizza bases.

Fresh and organic from Choku Bai Jo

Fresh and organic veggies from Choku Bai Jo

Eat fresh—eat healthy! Bon appetit!

Getting Special with your Slow Cooker

Healthy recipes for slow-cooked comfort food

By Emma

Do you know slow cooking is really healthy? There’s little added fat, and if you use fresh, organic fruits and veggies, skip the sweet packet sauce mixes, and make your own stock, you’re getting comfort food that’s good for you, and sustainable!

Lamb shanks with spicy plum sauce and garlic mash

Lamb shanks with spicy plum sauce and garlic mash

Winter is the perfect time to get out your slow cooker and put it through its paces. You can pop everything in the cooker in the morning and leave it until dinner-time, or alternatively, let it cook overnight, refrigerate the next day (so the flavours fuse together and are further enhanced) and warm it up for dinner. Even better, pop on your favourite pastry top and you’ve got the perfect winter pie!

The following recipes are super tasty, super healthy, super easy, and all have something a little different to make them super special! Check out our terrific comfort food slow cooking and enjoy! Continue reading

Eating Pizza!

In Our Year of Eating Healthy—Yes! You can eat Pizza!

Super healthy pizza - just add your favourite toppings

Super healthy pizza – just add your favourite toppings

Pizza has got to be one of the most popular meals on the planet, and once you’ve got the base you can make it anything you want. But for those of us who are gluten free it’s not so easy to get a take-away pizza, so 99 per cent of the time we’re up for making our own, which is more fun than getting a take-away anyway. For a super-healthy (and ethical) pizza get over to Capital Region Farmers Market on Saturday mornings and get some great organic meats, and visit Choku Bai Jo (Lyneham and Curtin) for the freshest organic veggies.

Anyway, here are a couple of LFW’s favourite easy-peasy recipes for anyone to try, including regular and GF, plus a terrific ‘from scratch’ recipe from FEEDinc. Trust me, once you make your own, you’ll never get a take-away again!

Click for what you need, what you do, and recipes! Continue reading

Australian Finger Limes—Citrus Caviar!

We had to look up what these were as well … and they’re pretty cool fruits! They look like a cross between a banana and a lime, and when you cut them open they really do look like caviar (roe) or a mass of lime pomegranate seeds. They’re also known as Wild Finger Limes or Bush Limes. The lime crystals (vesicles) explode in your mouth—just like fish roe—and have a sensational lime flavour. Finger limes can be used in salads, pasta, sushi, curries, cakes and deserts, and cocktails, but are especially good with seafood.

Finger Limes are available from Choku Bai Jo in North Lyneham and Curtin.

Finger limes with avocado and salmon

Avocado and salmon with finger lime dressing

How to choose and use finger limes

Choku finger limes

Select fruit with brightly coloured skin. Cut the limes in half and squeeze to release the pulp. Substitute a small amount of pulp for a squeeze of regular lime juice.

For recipes click this link Continue reading

Super healthy chips and dips!

By Emma


Super healthy! Super crunchy!  Super tasty!

Eating healthy is our big focus for this year, but who wants to give up chippies—not us—so we’ve come up with a great healthy, and super tasty, recipe for plantain chips! No sugar, no frying, no additives. How good is that? And they’re super perfect with our home-made guacamole and spicy salsa dips!


Plantain Chips (click continue reading for the recipes)

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Eating Healthy—Australia Day!

What’s on your healthy Australia Day table? We’re going with roast rack of lamb, mangoes and delish Australian avocados!

Fresh organic fruit and veggies from Choku Bai Jo Canberra (Lyneham and Curtin)

Fresh organic fruit and veggies from Choku Bai Jo Canberra (Lyneham and Curtin)

In our year of eating healthy we’re not just looking at looking good and getting fit. We’re also focussed on what we’re actually eating, and to that end will be seeking out fresh, organic and Australian grown produce. Is there anything better?

Prawn, mango and avocado salad (serves 4)



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