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Who’s Who at FASHFEST 2015!

FASHFEST Designer Line-up 2015

By Wendy Johnson (for LFW)

What goes on inside a fashion designer’s mind? Where do they get their inspiration? How do they decide on fabric, colour, or detail? It’s such an interesting study and so much more than the ability to sew. The designers selected for FASHFEST 2015 (13 to 16 May) form part of that study. The fresh faces couldn’t be more diverse if they tried. Most hail from the capital and others from interstate—including Melbourne, Tasmania and Cooma—and, for the first time, overseas (New Zealand).

Stunning colours and printed fabrics are huge this year, especially with designers inspired by cultural diversity such as MirandaSAKHINO, a contemporary label that represents an equal fusion of African and Western fashion. Designer Miranda Seakgosing’s designs include versatile day and evening wear that appeal to modern, polished cosmopolitan women who love functional, and timeless fashion.

Popping colour by Miranda Sakhino

Popping colour by Miranda Sakhino

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Burgers are Back!

Burgers are Back—and Healthy!

By Emma


Yes! Burgers can be healthy! Well, in reality as healthy as you make them. Our LFW burgers are organic and lean, vegetarian, chicken and fish and we use whole fillets not shredded or mashed with other ingredients.  As a Paleo I go ‘naked burger’ ie, no bun, but you can use GF buns or wholegrain if you prefer. Best GF wholegrain buns are either DEEKS (Dickson and Pearce) or delish PURE BRED rolls from your local Coles or Woolworths supermarkets—our GF team stumbled across these when in Sydney with no DEEKS in sight and they’re terrific!

You can use a meat patty (recipe below), a nice lean chicken or salmon fillet, veggie patty, and your favourite salad fillings. Top it off with aioli or our home-made guacamole or salsa sauce*. You can also ring the changes on your meat or veggie patty by including mixed spices such as Moroccan, Indian, or Australian bush spices and conserves.

Home made basic beef burger with GF buns

Home made basic beef burger with GF buns

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FASHFEST is Back in 2015!

The Canberra fashion event of the year is back with new Faces, a new venue, and bigger and better than ever! And the Faces of FASHFEST were announced this week!

Faces of Fashfest 2015 

By Wendy Johnson (for LFW)

They’re young. They’re fresh. They’re beautiful. And they’re trembling with excitement.

The new Faces of FASHFEST 2015, Hannah Claire McKenzie and Ken Scruton, were slightly stunned when told they had been selected out of  a record-breaking model casting call to represent Canberra’s pre-eminent annual fashion event at the highest level. But they soon got over it and within a matter of days were at their first launch, sporting smart black and white FASHFEST t-shirts and posing in front of a brand new Audi in a large photographic studio at Canberra Institute of Technology.

FF_Faces launch_LHutchinson6


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Australian Finger Limes—Citrus Caviar!

We had to look up what these were as well … and they’re pretty cool fruits! They look like a cross between a banana and a lime, and when you cut them open they really do look like caviar (roe) or a mass of lime pomegranate seeds. They’re also known as Wild Finger Limes or Bush Limes. The lime crystals (vesicles) explode in your mouth—just like fish roe—and have a sensational lime flavour. Finger limes can be used in salads, pasta, sushi, curries, cakes and deserts, and cocktails, but are especially good with seafood.

Finger Limes are available from Choku Bai Jo in North Lyneham and Curtin.

Finger limes with avocado and salmon

Avocado and salmon with finger lime dressing

How to choose and use finger limes

Choku finger limes

Select fruit with brightly coloured skin. Cut the limes in half and squeeze to release the pulp. Substitute a small amount of pulp for a squeeze of regular lime juice.

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Super healthy chips and dips!

By Emma


Super healthy! Super crunchy!  Super tasty!

Eating healthy is our big focus for this year, but who wants to give up chippies—not us—so we’ve come up with a great healthy, and super tasty, recipe for plantain chips! No sugar, no frying, no additives. How good is that? And they’re super perfect with our home-made guacamole and spicy salsa dips!


Plantain Chips (click continue reading for the recipes)

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Peace and calm in a Zen Garden

with Annie Storey Garden Art

Want a gorgeous garden but can’t even grow a cactus? Ever been to the Old Bus Depot Markets and marvelled at the gorgeous water fountains and garden artistry that looks like it’s made from copper pipes? Well, that’s because it is copper pipes—old, discarded copper piping, hot water systems, downpipes, fridge and gas tubing, electrical wiring, and any other scrap metal. This beautiful garden art is designed and made by local artist Annie Storey in her workshop just outside Canberra.

Lotus blossom fountain

Lotus blossom fountain

LFW caught up with Annie, and asked ‘why garden art from scrap metal’?

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Congratulations Sash & Belle!

and Happy First Birthday!

LFW loves handbags, and spends a lot of time drooling over the Sash & Belle collection. So far we own two gorgeous Sash & Belle bags—a beautiful blue tote and eye-catching hot pink bag, but there’s always room for more! And, we’re thrilled to join the celebrations for Sash & Belle’s first birthday, and wish them loads of success in 2015!

To celebrate this occasion Sash & Belle is having a birthday sale! Get onto their website, choose your fave bag and type in coupon code birthday to get a 30 per cent site wide discount. How’s that for a great deal! - birthday sale! – birthday sale!

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