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Printing 3D Fashion

Although the audience wasn’t aware, some of the fashion on the runway at Fashfest was made with a 3D printer. Yes, a printer. What happened to making good old paper patterns and cutting fabric with good old scissors you ask? Welcome to the world of fashion in 2015 and beyond. By Wendy Johnson.

Model Charne Esterhuizen wears 3D printed bracelet. Photograph by Robert Coppa

Charne Esterhuizen from Haus Models wears 3D printed bracelet by MAAK. Photograph by Robert Coppa

Organisations like the Australian 3D Manufacturing Association (A3DMA) and Engineer 3D are on to the infinite possibilities of this new-age technology. So too are an increasing number of fashion designers like those behind the label Mimetic, Melissa Pompeani and George McWilliam, and MAAK, Charne Esterhuizen, who are all recent graduates from the Canberra Institute of Technology.

Without getting technical, 3D manufacturing is the production of a physical object from a digital design. Today’s machines can make objects from almost any material, including plastic, glass, steel, and ceramics. Some items take an hour to produce and others much longer—depending on size and complexity. A shoe, for example, can take up to eight hours. A simple piece of jewellery much less.

Model Charne Esterhuizen wears 3D printed necklace and earings. Photograph by Robert Coppa

Charne Esterhuizen wears 3D printed bracelet by A3DMA. Photograph by Robert Coppa

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LFW loves monochrome at FASHFEST!

Monochrome or colour? What’s your take? For our fave selections we asked ourselves ‘would we wear it?’—after all, that’s what it’s all about. Here are our fave monochrome labels from Day 2 at FASHFEST 2015.

by Aine Dowling. Photos by LFW

Belle Bird

We have got to get to Cooma—this is our absolute favourite so far! We are totally loving this cool, professional look—clean and crisp, and so good to have an affordable label that caters for girls with curves. Belle Bird is part of Cooma shop Birdsnest and includes That Bird Label, Belle Bird, Birdkeepers, and Boho Bird. Birdsnest caters for sizes 12 – 22 and also includes gorgeous classic function/cocktail wear, and an entire raft of shapes and styles from dresses and tops to pants and leggings. And lots of Australian wool!Belle Bird3

Belle Bird4

Belle Bird2

The Label

Designed for professional women who want to stand out from the crowd—the leader, not the follower. Monochrome with edge! And lots of different pieces to mix and match. Excellent!The Label1

The Label5

The Label4


The capsule wardrobe for professional women on the move with superb mix and match pieces to go from meetings to merrymaking … and all in a 7kg carry-on—fantastic!Mimitec1



Last night at FASHFEST tonight! Have you got your ticket?




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FASHFEST 2015—Day 2 Runway

Giving you a look at the entire collections and designers from Day 2 (strictly night 2) at FASHFEST. Who was our favourite? Too many to choose, but we did have a couple—check out our follow-up post for that one!

by Aine Dowling. Photos by LFW


First up Recollection by designer Philippa Soutberg. This collection is inspired by the Australia’s birdlife and landscape and include classic, timeless pieces designed for women aged 25 – 45. All garments are designed and manufactured in Canberra. This is Recollection‘s second year at FASHFEST.

BM Designs

BM Designs creates headwear also inspired by Australian birdlife and the Aussie bush. Designer Barbara Mickelson has won several awards and her entire collection includes outfits, dresses and accessories. Barb has also taught creative headwear and textiles, and this is her second year at FASHFEST.

Simone Perele from Stephanie's Boutique Lingerie

Simone Perele from Stephanie’s Boutique Lingerie. See LFW Style Opening Night Runway review for more information.

Hana Apparel Designs

Hana Apparel Designs is owned by Neda Alemohammad who creates beautiful pieces inspired by Persian designs that celebrate the culture and splendour of Iran, and is designed for women of all ages. All garments are designed and made in Australia, and this is Hana’s debut appearance at FASHFEST. You can read more about Hana at LFW Style Who’s Who at FASHFEST.

Belle Bird

At last—so nice to see ‘curvy couture’ on the runway! Belle Bird is about confidence and celebrating those awesome curves! Designed by Peige Eber, Hannah Knight and Emilie White this clothing label caters for women size 12 – 22 and is part of the Birdsnest brand in Cooma, NSW, and includes That Bird Label, Belle Bird, Bird Keepers, and Boho Bird.

Bronwen Stead was a former bikini model and is passionate about sport and millinery—put the two together and you get the amazing collection Angel Wings. All wings are made exclusively in Bronwen's Canberra studio and this collection is in collaboration with fashion by Dana Carmont.

Bronwen Stead was a former bikini model and is passionate about sport and millinery—put the two together and you get the amazing collection Angel Wings. All wings are made exclusively in Bronwen’s Canberra studio and this collection is in collaboration with fashion by Dana Carmont.


The Label

Graduate CIT designer, Emma O’Rourke makes her debut appearance at FASHFEST with The Label offering signature pieces for modern and professional women. Emma also designs her own prints and has a sustainable and ethical approach to her work, mixing traditional fabrics with techo-materials.


Mimetic is the famous ‘fit in a carry-on’ designed capsule wardrobe from George McWilliam and Melissa Pompeani who create classic clothes for women on the go. Both off-the-rack and made-to-measure garments are designed and made in Canberra. This is Mimetic’s debut appearance at FASHFEST. Read more about this brand at LFW Style Minimise with Mimetic!

Rockstars and Royalty in collaboration with PeonynPearl

And the evening closed with the amazing Rockstars and Royalty showcasing Vicky Kidd-Gallichan’s latest collection Cherries in the Snow. One of the leading Canberra designers, Vicky collaborated on this collection with Fionna Tamin from PeonynPearl to produce the most stunning and gorgeous gowns. This is Vicky’s third appearance at FASHFEST and Fionna’s first. You can read much more about both brands at LFW Style This is the Flora Dress, and Rockstars and Royalty’s Reign of the Forest.

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Minimise with Mimetic!

Business travel can be so weary. Pack, pack, pack, and pack again. Drag your heavy suitcase from pillar to post. Unpack to only realise your wardrobe is so uncoordinated it will be nothing short of a laughing stock in the boardroom. Well here’s a hot tip…

By Wendy Johnson

Invest in a capsule wardrobe that is practical, stylish, fashionable, and fits in a 7-kilogram capacity suitcase. Yes—a 7-kilogram capacity suitcase. This is no ordinary wardrobe either. It’s one that will take you from work to social situations in a flash.Mimetic_FF15_lo_141110_03

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CIT has Talent!

CIT Graduate All-Stars at FASHFEST

By Wendy Johnson

Travelling. Tea parties. Sports. Psychoanalysis. Luxury resorts. The corporate environment. What’s the common thread?

The recent graduates in fashion design who will be launching debut collections on the catwalk at FASHFEST 2015, culminating in an All-Star Showcase on closing night. The six young designers, fresh out of studies at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), promise guests an exciting experience. “It’s rare to have such a diversity of aesthetic,” says Steve Wright, who teaches fashion and design at CIT and is FASHFEST’s producer. “It’s why we decided to do the showcase on Saturday, with all labels forming one segment. It will be challenging to choreograph because of the diversity, but intriguing for guests.”

Models: Lara Schroeder; Bronwyn Whitton; Georgia Whitton.  MUA: Meg Stewart Makeup.  Photographer: Kelda Rundle Photography

Models: Lara Schroeder; Bronwyn Whitton; Georgia Whitton. MUA: Meg Stewart Makeup. Photographer: Kelda Rundle Photography

CIT is FASHFEST’s official education partner. “We have always believed in growing the industry in every way we can,” says Co-founder Andrea Hutchinson. “That includes providing graduates with a platform for their work. This is about providing new designers with real-life experience and what is involved in the serious business of showcasing and branding a fashion label.”

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Who’s Who at FASHFEST 2015!

FASHFEST Designer Line-up 2015

By Wendy Johnson (for LFW)

What goes on inside a fashion designer’s mind? Where do they get their inspiration? How do they decide on fabric, colour, or detail? It’s such an interesting study and so much more than the ability to sew. The designers selected for FASHFEST 2015 (13 to 16 May) form part of that study. The fresh faces couldn’t be more diverse if they tried. Most hail from the capital and others from interstate—including Melbourne, Tasmania and Cooma—and, for the first time, overseas (New Zealand).

Stunning colours and printed fabrics are huge this year, especially with designers inspired by cultural diversity such as MirandaSAKHINO, a contemporary label that represents an equal fusion of African and Western fashion. Designer Miranda Seakgosing’s designs include versatile day and evening wear that appeal to modern, polished cosmopolitan women who love functional, and timeless fashion.

Popping colour by Miranda Sakhino

Popping colour by Miranda Sakhino

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