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Birds in the Nest at Cooma!

It’s no secret that we loved Belle Bird designs at this years’ FASHFEST, so a bit of further investigation found us in snowy Cooma earlier this week to check out Birdsnest—which includes Belle Bird, That Bird Label, Birdkeepers, and Boho Bird as well over 200 other labels in the store. By Aine Dowling.

Bird lounge

Birdsnest is the brainchild of Jane Cay who set up the small store in 2004, going online in 2008. Since that time the company has increased from four staff (birds) to over 100; has just completed its third revamp of the now much larger store; is on its fourth website upgrade, and carries over 200 labels. Over the June long weekend Birdsnest is celebrating the opening of its Thredbo store specialising in alpine winter wear, and stocking the local Snow Angel label.

We met up with Birdsnest PR guru, Tan Ward, who gave us a guided tour of the store, the backrooms, the two warehouses—one of which was the former Woolworths supermarket—as well as a rundown on the business. But before the hows and whys of Birdsnest, let’s tell you about the store itself. It’s huge; it’s modern; it’s bright, and it’s classy. Oh, is it classy! Forget about racks of clothes all over the shop and squeezing to a change room the size of a laundry cupboard—this place is amazing! To say we were hugely impressed is an understatement! This is a business that truly puts its customers first—both in the store and online—from its laptops and iPads in the store and change rooms, to its 24 hour delivery turnaround across Australia.

Birdsnest change rooms and suite

Birdsnest change rooms and suite

Here’s how it works when you buy in store. There is one item of everything in the store—in one colour, and one size. So, you really like the size 8 grey cropped pants but you’re after something in black in a 12 or 14; no problem. Just hop onto the laptop, select the garment, click your colour and size, type in your name and hit enter. Then check the Arrivals board. In less than a minute your garment will come up as ‘in flight’, and within a couple of minutes your garment arrives on the rack in the change room with the Arrivals board changing to ‘landed’. Seriously, how cool is that! We loved it! And if the garment isn’t the perfect fit once you’re in the change room, get on the iPad and simply request another size. Now that’s customer service.

Some of the 200 brands in stock at Birdsnest

Some of the 200 brands in stock at Birdsnest

That’s the store. But the store is only a part of Birdsnest—out the back is where the action is. The office (if you can call it that) is vast open area designed in sections for customer service, packing and despatch, returns, accounts, designers and stylers, creators and writers, social media, the warehouse team, and its own photographic studio where the images taken are used in both their online and print publications including their catalogues and newsletters.

Four Bird labels L-R: Birdkeepers, Belle Bird, Boho Bird, That Bird Label

Four Bird labels L-R: Birdkeepers, Belle Bird, Boho Bird, That Bird Label

Buying online is just about as precise as you can get it by building your own customer profile when you sign up. You can choose your body shape (boobs, tummy, arms and legs), your personality (classic, modern, boho), your lifestyle (party girl, yummy granny, career, active, lady of leisure), and what colours and brands you would, and wouldn’t, wear. Within five minutes you’ll receive your own personalised style pack, and future emails and sales notifications are designed to fit your profile.

According to Tan Ward the Birdsnest online store is 94 per cent of their business. “When the orders come in we pack and send then off the same day,” says Tan. “We pack over 500 parcels a day and Australia Post picks up every day at 4.30pm, and during our busiest times it’s all hands on deck and every staff member will be packing. We also put a little thank-you gift in the bag with a handwritten card. We keep a record of all customer purchases, and we operate an awards program on the dollar spend.” If you live in the area you can also shop online and request an in store pickup instead of delivery.

Don’t like something you’ve ordered? Return it. “We have a full returns policy for all customers—no questions,” says Tan. “We want our customers to be happy and if they don’t like something they need to tell us so we can rectify it. The Birdsnest culture, customer focus, and teamwork is really important to us. It’s also important that this philosophy flow on to our customer base.”Bird3

Happy customers are involved at Birdsnest more than you may realise. When you purchase an item from That Bird Label you are automatically on the ‘design’ team. You have a vote on future garments, and if the general consensus is that those grey crop pants you really liked would be more comfortable with a soft stretch waist insert at the back, then the next design may well include it. “We listen to what our customers say, what they want and what they like, and our design team have often made changes to a garment if enough customers suggested it.”

Birdsnest is not just another retail fashion shop. It’s a whole new and exciting shopping experience. Give it a try—we guarantee you’ll love it!

http://www.birdsnest.com.au/   https://www.facebook.com/birdsnest.com.au

Winter wear and aprés ski at Snow Angel now open in Thredbo https://www.facebook.com/SnowAngelonline

Winter wear and aprés ski at Snow Angel now open in Thredbo  https://www.facebook.com/SnowAngelonline

LFW loves monochrome at FASHFEST!

Monochrome or colour? What’s your take? For our fave selections we asked ourselves ‘would we wear it?’—after all, that’s what it’s all about. Here are our fave monochrome labels from Day 2 at FASHFEST 2015.

by Aine Dowling. Photos by LFW

Belle Bird

We have got to get to Cooma—this is our absolute favourite so far! We are totally loving this cool, professional look—clean and crisp, and so good to have an affordable label that caters for girls with curves. Belle Bird is part of Cooma shop Birdsnest and includes That Bird Label, Belle Bird, Birdkeepers, and Boho Bird. Birdsnest caters for sizes 12 – 22 and also includes gorgeous classic function/cocktail wear, and an entire raft of shapes and styles from dresses and tops to pants and leggings. And lots of Australian wool!Belle Bird3

Belle Bird4

Belle Bird2

The Label

Designed for professional women who want to stand out from the crowd—the leader, not the follower. Monochrome with edge! And lots of different pieces to mix and match. Excellent!The Label1

The Label5

The Label4


The capsule wardrobe for professional women on the move with superb mix and match pieces to go from meetings to merrymaking … and all in a 7kg carry-on—fantastic!Mimitec1



Last night at FASHFEST tonight! Have you got your ticket?




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FASHFEST 2015—Day 2 Runway

Giving you a look at the entire collections and designers from Day 2 (strictly night 2) at FASHFEST. Who was our favourite? Too many to choose, but we did have a couple—check out our follow-up post for that one!

by Aine Dowling. Photos by LFW


First up Recollection by designer Philippa Soutberg. This collection is inspired by the Australia’s birdlife and landscape and include classic, timeless pieces designed for women aged 25 – 45. All garments are designed and manufactured in Canberra. This is Recollection‘s second year at FASHFEST.

BM Designs

BM Designs creates headwear also inspired by Australian birdlife and the Aussie bush. Designer Barbara Mickelson has won several awards and her entire collection includes outfits, dresses and accessories. Barb has also taught creative headwear and textiles, and this is her second year at FASHFEST.

Simone Perele from Stephanie's Boutique Lingerie

Simone Perele from Stephanie’s Boutique Lingerie. See LFW Style Opening Night Runway review for more information.

Hana Apparel Designs

Hana Apparel Designs is owned by Neda Alemohammad who creates beautiful pieces inspired by Persian designs that celebrate the culture and splendour of Iran, and is designed for women of all ages. All garments are designed and made in Australia, and this is Hana’s debut appearance at FASHFEST. You can read more about Hana at LFW Style Who’s Who at FASHFEST.

Belle Bird

At last—so nice to see ‘curvy couture’ on the runway! Belle Bird is about confidence and celebrating those awesome curves! Designed by Peige Eber, Hannah Knight and Emilie White this clothing label caters for women size 12 – 22 and is part of the Birdsnest brand in Cooma, NSW, and includes That Bird Label, Belle Bird, Bird Keepers, and Boho Bird.

Bronwen Stead was a former bikini model and is passionate about sport and millinery—put the two together and you get the amazing collection Angel Wings. All wings are made exclusively in Bronwen's Canberra studio and this collection is in collaboration with fashion by Dana Carmont.

Bronwen Stead was a former bikini model and is passionate about sport and millinery—put the two together and you get the amazing collection Angel Wings. All wings are made exclusively in Bronwen’s Canberra studio and this collection is in collaboration with fashion by Dana Carmont.


The Label

Graduate CIT designer, Emma O’Rourke makes her debut appearance at FASHFEST with The Label offering signature pieces for modern and professional women. Emma also designs her own prints and has a sustainable and ethical approach to her work, mixing traditional fabrics with techo-materials.


Mimetic is the famous ‘fit in a carry-on’ designed capsule wardrobe from George McWilliam and Melissa Pompeani who create classic clothes for women on the go. Both off-the-rack and made-to-measure garments are designed and made in Canberra. This is Mimetic’s debut appearance at FASHFEST. Read more about this brand at LFW Style Minimise with Mimetic!

Rockstars and Royalty in collaboration with PeonynPearl

And the evening closed with the amazing Rockstars and Royalty showcasing Vicky Kidd-Gallichan’s latest collection Cherries in the Snow. One of the leading Canberra designers, Vicky collaborated on this collection with Fionna Tamin from PeonynPearl to produce the most stunning and gorgeous gowns. This is Vicky’s third appearance at FASHFEST and Fionna’s first. You can read much more about both brands at LFW Style This is the Flora Dress, and Rockstars and Royalty’s Reign of the Forest.

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