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A little Bit Fit—Active Wear

By Emma Dowling

Having just completed my first Resolution Run Series race; coming second and first female across the line – a little brag there … I can honestly say the last thing you want when exercising is to be worried about your clothes.

EmmaYou don’t have to look like a million dollars to do a workout, but you do need to be comfortable, and, as we mentioned in our first post you do need the right shoes. If you’re spending $40 on a pair of sneakers from KMart and $100 on a pair of yoga pants from Lorna Jane, you’re going about it the wrong way!

So, just to recap, go to a specialist shoe shop and tell them what you’re doing—walking, running, cross-training, aerobics, etc., what your plan is, and get them to fit you out. And, while you’re at it, get a few pairs of nice cushion socks as well—you won’t regret it.

And, the only difference between a pair of track suit pants and yoga pants is that track pants are roomier and a damn site cheaper! You can go to a sports store such as Rebel for your clothes, or a specialist store such as Lorna Jane or Rockwear, or your local lower end department store such as Target, KMart, or Big W, and it may come as a surprise as to who/what we recommend.

Michelle Bridges run short with internal bike short

Michelle Bridges run short with internal bike short. Ezibuy $29.

There is one lady whose household name is at the forefront of active wear, and love her or hate her, Michelle Bridges* has got it right for comfort and style. Her clothing is sold through Big W or online at Ezibuy—it’s inexpensive, comfortable, looks good, and fits beautifully, and sizes go from 8 to 26. The pants include a hidden pocket for keys or couple of dollars, and the run shorts include internal bike shorts for a little more modesty and comfort, and there’s a whole range of tops and bottoms to suit every shape and size. Of course there are other brands that have very similar active wear, but why pay a fortune just for the name.

MIchelle Bridges double support tank top

MIchelle Bridges double support tank top. Ezibuy $29.

Rockwear always has something on special, so if you’re a savvy shopper, check out what you like and keep an eye on the price and their online sales—you could pick up a bargain. They also do a very comfy skort—a pair of shorts with a skirt back.  Rockwear has limited sizing from 4 to 18.

Rockwear support tank top

Rockwear support tank top – now on sale online $30

For super-cheap active wear check out Target or KMart but know that you get what you pay for, in as much as their pants don’t have a full elasticated waistband—just a narrow piece of elastic through a wider band; not nearly so comfy and prone to rolling down, and many don’t have a hidden pocket, mesh panels or linings, or adjustable straps.

Rockwear matching top and short

Rockwear matching top and short – a new design and a little more expensive at $130 for the set.

From personal experience, look for comfort, then comfort, and lastly—comfort!

* Although we recommend Michelle Bridges active wear apparel, this in no way endorses her training program, and anyone considering undertaking any fitness or weight-loss program, including exercise, should first consult their medical practitioner.

A little Bit Fit

By Aine Dowling

Did you know the Fitbit was the most gifted 2015 Christmas present? And the number of people downloading the app on Christmas Day almost crashed their website! How do I know this? Because I was one of the hundreds of thousands of gifted recipients worldwide, and have now joined that fast-growing clique of people who strap a tiny electronic device to their wrist the moment they step out of bed.marathon fitbit

With 2015 as our Year of Eating Healthy, LFW is now adding some fitness to the mix and bringing you 2016 as our Year of Health and Fitness! Don’t worry—we’ll still be bringing you some fantastic healthy recipes, and while eating healthy is great start; sitting on the sofa like a sloth for the majority of the day isn’t going to get you fit. So … let’s ‘step it up’ and go!

But first, back to the Fitbit. In all honesty, you don’t need a fancy gadget or super equipment to get fit, but what you do need is MOTIVATION! Yep, that’s the one—its opposite is procrastination, and don’t we all have a bucketful of that when it comes to anything resembling exercise. So first tip—take it slow.Castle fitbit

Set yourself a target that’s relatively easy to achieve. If you don’t have a ‘big brother’ device that’s monitoring your every move, set your own goals. If you have a dog (or even if you don’t have a dog) make your target to walk every morning for at least an hour for the first week. Then increase it by half an hour. That should easily give you around 5,000 – 6,000 steps. You can make up another 3,000 – 4,000 by just simply walking around more. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Park your car at the edge of the carpark instead of as close to the door as possible. Walk around the park or to the shops at lunchtime—you’ll feel better and save yourself the stress of finding a carpark at the shopping centre. And, here’s a great tip—keep a pair of walking shoes at work, then you have no excuse not to go for a walk!

SAM_2408After a couple of weeks consider some small hand weights. Buy the ones you feel most comfortable doing a workout with. Do not buy the heavier ones just because you think they’ll work better! They’ll be too heavy and you’ll give up after 10 repeats of one exercise. As with the walking start small and work your way up. Go to your local sports store and check them out. You need to be able to do a mix of five or six different exercises each of about 15 – 20 repeats, and you’ll be amazed how heavy even the 1kg weights get after 20 minutes!

But there is one essential item you do need to spend a bit of money on. Shoes. Get yourself a good pair of walking or running shoes and don’t skimp on the brand or price. There are different shoes for different people and different exercises, so just because a friend of yours is a runner and recommends a particular brand, they may not suit you if you’re just starting out as a walker. Go to a specialist shop and tell them what you’re doing—walking, running, cross-training, aerobics, etc., what your plan is, and get them to fit you out. You’ll probably find yourself paying around $150 but trust me, you need the right shoes. Many sports shops will sell last season’s run-out (pun intended) styles on sale and you can often pick up a 50 per cent off bargain like the ASICS runners below that we got for $80 instead of $160. And yes, these are runners, for a runner.ASICS 2

Later on we’ll look at clothing and equipment, and post a few of our personal fitness experiences … but for now we’ll quote Nike and ‘Just Do It!