About LFW

LFW is about food, fashion, fitness, and fun! And a bit of art and travel, in Canberra and the surrounding region

LFW Team

 races photo - Copy
Aine I’m a professional editor and freelance writer. I am currently chief editor of ChinWag, the quarterly online magazine of ACT Rescue and Foster (ARF). I was former chief editor of Surya Magazine, and have published in business magazines including Latte, and Leading the Way, and a number of airline travel magazines. I studied at the Canberra School of Music and have performed in musical theatre, and the Canberra and regional jazz scene.
100km Oxfam Hike

100km Oxfam Hike

Emma  By day I work in a medical science facility and am passionate about healthy eating and cooking. I also follow a dairy and sugar free diet and am constantly on the lookout for new recipes and ways to explore healthy eating without missing out on the ‘naughty stuff’. I’m a short distance runner (3 and 7k), trail runner (10k), and hiker, and have competed in the Resolution Run Series, Canberra Marathon, Sri Chinmoy, and the Oxfam 100k hike.

Wendy by Beth_high res
Wendy – Wendy works in communications and marketing and has been involved in the Canberra fashion scene for a number of years and joins LFW covering fashion and style including markets and events. Wendy is instrumental in FASHFEST, Canberra’s biggest annual fashion event.
Cover photo by LFW 
Contact LFW at LFWMagazine@outlook.com

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