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Canberra Icon – The Magic Roundabout

Having fun on the Merry-go-Round

If you grew up in Canberra the Civic Merry-go-Round (or Carousel) is an icon. Even if you didn’t grow up here you know what and where it is. It’s carried thousands of children round and round while parents wait on the sideline; it’s been restored and repainted a number of times, and on 13 March celebrated 40 years of putting a smile on the faces of Canberra kids. But its life started long before that, and this year the merry-go-round also celebrates 100 years of operation.  











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Tom Yum Thai


I love Thailand and I love Thai food. On a recent visit we decided to get the low-down on Tom Yum Kung, or Tom Yum Goon as it’s sometimes known in Australia, and the most well-known dish on Thai menus. This hot and sour soup includes enormous prawns and is a popular starter for most meals and comes in a number of variations including Tom Yum Hed (vegetarian but contains mushrooms), Tom Yum Paa (with chicken), Tom Yum Thale (mixed seafood), and Tom Yum Nam Khon—a creamy version that contains coconut milk. After sampling the classic (Kung) dish in a number of Bangkok restaurants we finally managed to get the secret from Tip Top Restaurant at the Pat Pong Market.

Traditional Tom Yum Kung

Traditional Tom Yum Kung

Hot and sour is the key to the soup and the main flavours come from chilli and lime. But there are also undertones of salt and this comes from the fish and soy sauces, and you should be able to detect the chilli, lime, salt, and to some extent ginger, in every spoonful of Tom Yum. Continue reading

Home is where the heart is?

Australians travel—a lot. They spread themselves across the planet and almost everywhere you go you’ll find them. Some reside there permanently; others are just visiting, and others are there for specific number of years. As world-wide travellers where is home? What is home? And what does home mean?

I call Canberra home; it’s where I live, it’s where I work and play, it’s where my family live, and I’ve lived here longer than anywhere else. But it wasn’t where I was born, or where I grew up. So what does home actually mean?

sydney harbour

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FASHFEST 2014 Opening Night!

FASHFEST—Opening Night Rocks Canberra #fashfest

Rocked sideways with Rockstars and Royalty’s amazing gowns #rockstarsandroyalty by Vicki Kidd-Gallichan.

Rockstars and Royalty at FASHFEST 2014 #rockstarsandroyalty

Rockstars and Royalty at FASHFEST 2014 #rockstarsandroyalty

Mingled with the beautiful people last night (30 April) at FASHFEST 2014 opening night. The champagne flowed, the selfies smiled, the VIPs were very … VIP, and the taste of anticipation was almost too much to bear. Continue reading