Canberra FASHFEST 2014

Canberra FASHFEST 2014—real fashion for real people!

belinda rider photo

Matchsticks not allowed! FASHFEST 2014 bites the bullet and showcases a new look for models on the catwalk as organisers Andrea and Clint Hutchinson auditioned plus sizes and mature age men and women to walk the walk in garments designed for Real People!

Models will wear Karen Lee, 4 minutes 33, Darling Sisters, Hanny-d Creations, Zilpah Tart, and Character all of whom design for all body shapes and ages. This year also includes Hijab House—ultra stylish clothes for the modern Muslim woman.

Karen Lee

Karen Lee

On opening night we see the return of Rockstars and Royalty with an amazing collection of gowns, and the fairy clothes of WND.LND, alongside newcomers Darling Sisters—who knew vintage could look so good?, Group 14:Stage Label—an online platform for a designer collective, Reneira—self-taught trendsetters designing for women aged 16 – 29, and Percival Luto with stunning jewellery based on the mythical Kraken.

Anneliese Seubert in Rockstars and Royalty

Anneliese Seubert in Rockstars and Royalty

Over the following three nights we will also be treated to SZN with her designs from remnants and off-cuts, Tuffys and Tuffetts—’real Aussie underwear for real Aussie backsides’,  Character—designing for women aged 60 – 85, and ain’t that something!  And the guys get more than a look-in with Corr Blimey, Perpetually Five, and Braddon Tailors/Cotter’s Crossing showing everything from casual to formal wear.



With great music over the four nights pumped out by Magnifik, Radar & Weston, Coda Conduct, and Mr Michael x Monfory Horrors this event is not to be missed.

Are You Ready!

FASHFEST 2014, 3 Molonglo Drive, Brindabella Business Park

Wednesday 30 April – Saturday 3 May


Photographs from FASHFEST 2013

Belinda Riding, Karen Lee and Rockstars and Royalty photographs by Leighton Hutchinson

SZN photo by Andrew Campbell


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