A little Bit Fit—Active Wear

By Emma Dowling

Having just completed my first Resolution Run Series race; coming second and first female across the line – a little brag there … I can honestly say the last thing you want when exercising is to be worried about your clothes.

EmmaYou don’t have to look like a million dollars to do a workout, but you do need to be comfortable, and, as we mentioned in our first post you do need the right shoes. If you’re spending $40 on a pair of sneakers from KMart and $100 on a pair of yoga pants from Lorna Jane, you’re going about it the wrong way!

So, just to recap, go to a specialist shoe shop and tell them what you’re doing—walking, running, cross-training, aerobics, etc., what your plan is, and get them to fit you out. And, while you’re at it, get a few pairs of nice cushion socks as well—you won’t regret it.

And, the only difference between a pair of track suit pants and yoga pants is that track pants are roomier and a damn site cheaper! You can go to a sports store such as Rebel for your clothes, or a specialist store such as Lorna Jane or Rockwear, or your local lower end department store such as Target, KMart, or Big W, and it may come as a surprise as to who/what we recommend.

Michelle Bridges run short with internal bike short

Michelle Bridges run short with internal bike short. Ezibuy $29.

There is one lady whose household name is at the forefront of active wear, and love her or hate her, Michelle Bridges* has got it right for comfort and style. Her clothing is sold through Big W or online at Ezibuy—it’s inexpensive, comfortable, looks good, and fits beautifully, and sizes go from 8 to 26. The pants include a hidden pocket for keys or couple of dollars, and the run shorts include internal bike shorts for a little more modesty and comfort, and there’s a whole range of tops and bottoms to suit every shape and size. Of course there are other brands that have very similar active wear, but why pay a fortune just for the name.

MIchelle Bridges double support tank top

MIchelle Bridges double support tank top. Ezibuy $29.

Rockwear always has something on special, so if you’re a savvy shopper, check out what you like and keep an eye on the price and their online sales—you could pick up a bargain. They also do a very comfy skort—a pair of shorts with a skirt back.  Rockwear has limited sizing from 4 to 18.

Rockwear support tank top

Rockwear support tank top – now on sale online $30

For super-cheap active wear check out Target or KMart but know that you get what you pay for, in as much as their pants don’t have a full elasticated waistband—just a narrow piece of elastic through a wider band; not nearly so comfy and prone to rolling down, and many don’t have a hidden pocket, mesh panels or linings, or adjustable straps.

Rockwear matching top and short

Rockwear matching top and short – a new design and a little more expensive at $130 for the set.

From personal experience, look for comfort, then comfort, and lastly—comfort!

* Although we recommend Michelle Bridges active wear apparel, this in no way endorses her training program, and anyone considering undertaking any fitness or weight-loss program, including exercise, should first consult their medical practitioner.

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