Peace and calm in a Zen Garden

with Annie Storey Garden Art

Want a gorgeous garden but can’t even grow a cactus? Ever been to the Old Bus Depot Markets and marvelled at the gorgeous water fountains and garden artistry that looks like it’s made from copper pipes? Well, that’s because it is copper pipes—old, discarded copper piping, hot water systems, downpipes, fridge and gas tubing, electrical wiring, and any other scrap metal. This beautiful garden art is designed and made by local artist Annie Storey in her workshop just outside Canberra.

Lotus blossom fountain

Lotus blossom fountain

LFW caught up with Annie, and asked ‘why garden art from scrap metal’?

 “I make garden art because my work lends itself to being in a garden setting”, said Annie. “The copper forms work well as water features as copper doesn’t rust and the water brings the patina to life. I completed a Bachelor of Art and then did a six month welding course about 15 years ago, and I never had much luck actually growing real plants so I decided to make the plants instead, and my garden is now full of copper plant life.”

All the scrap metal is dismantled and cut to shape, then forged over an anvil and finally all welded together. To keep her forging and welding up with the latest material and equipment, Annie attends a blacksmithing camp every year which also expands and hones her skills, and gives her new ideas and inspiration. The brass and copper colours reflect a life-like imagery of roots, stems, and leaves.

Annie Storey vase

Making garden sculptures and water features has been part of Annie’s life for over 14 years, and each item is custom made to suit any garden of any size; though ideally the water fountains require a large bowl or pond that provides space for the water to trickle down without splashing. The fountains are suitable for indoors as well as courtyard and outdoor areas.

Wall art

Wall art

The wall flowers are beautiful decorative wall pieces that can be displayed both indoors and out, and the garden plant sculptures are perfect for those of us who don’t have green fingers. All wall flowers and sculptures are weather resistant. The decorative vases can be made to look as if they’re holding flowers (also made from copper and brass) or can be hollowed as a table centrepiece to hold real flowers.

Annie Storey rose

The stunning Lotus Bloom Water feature is a long standing favourite with clients. “People love the way the water fills the lotus pods and falls onto the lily leaves,” says Annie. “The feature can be made in any size to fit a small courtyard or terrace, or a large open garden.”

Annie Storey Water fountains and garden art

Annie’s beautiful calming water features, wall pieces, sculptures and vases can be commissioned to suit your taste and garden size, or you can buy a ready-made piece from the Old Bus Depot Markets held every Sunday from 10am – 4pm.

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