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Gluten-free Cakes

LFW’s Five Best Gluten-free Cakes!

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Being gluten free (or wheat free) doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the nice things in life—especially cakes! We’ve tried and tested a few and are now delighted to announce the LFW Awards for the best GF cakes—it was hard work peeps, but we kept on going!

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LFW—Eating healthy for 2015!

It’s 2015 and time for those New Year resolutions that we never keep beyond about a week … but this year LFW is focussing on healthy eating—that doesn’t mean dieting peeps, it just means watching what we eat. So we’re not totally giving up the yummy stuff; we’re just paying more attention to what’s in what we eat, monitoring what’s on our plate, and where you can get the good stuff. So we’re kicking off with a couple of great ideas for breads, cakes and sweet treats! Enjoy!

DEEKS delights!

DEEKS delights!


Deeks is a fantastic local little bakery, located in Canberra at the Dickson and Phillip shopping centres, and all their produce is grain free—so for gluten free/wheat free people (like me!) it’s a treasure trove! Continue reading