Gluten-free Cakes

LFW’s Five Best Gluten-free Cakes!

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Being gluten free (or wheat free) doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the nice things in life—especially cakes! We’ve tried and tested a few and are now delighted to announce the LFW Awards for the best GF cakes—it was hard work peeps, but we kept on going!

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Best GF Chocolate Cake

GF Donna hay flourless choc cake

Donny Hay’s Flourless Chocolate Cake is dense, rich, fudgy, oh-so-chocolatey, and totally decadent! Its base is almond meal and raw cacao powder, and it only has six ingredients in total. It takes about 40 minutes to prepare and cook but you need to let it cool for a couple of hours before you dig in. This is the best of the flourless chocolate cakes! Recipe from Donna Hay Fresh and Light Cookbook or online at

Best Cheesecake

GF Strawberry cheesecake glutenfreespinner

This is chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! You need GF chocolate biscuits for the base (available from the Macro section of supermarkets or your local health food shop). This Strawberry Marble Cheesecake with White Chocolate Ganache is made in four parts; crust, cheesecake, coulis, and ganache, so it has a lot of ingredients and takes about an hour to prepare, plus baking, and plus cooling for a couple of hours. Yes, it’s a lot of work. Yes, you need time to make it. But seriously, it’s so worth it!

 Best Orange and Almond Cake

GF Persian orange and almond cake

This Persian Orange and Almond Cake can be bit fiddly—especially preparing the oranges—but the cake is divine! It’s yummily sticky, not too sweet, and is the moistest (yes, that is a word) orange cake we’ve ever tasted! Again quite a few ingredients, and takes about an hour and a half to prepare and make, but it will gain you first prize at the next bring-a-plate afternoon tea! Totally delish!

Best Carrot CakeGF Dreamy Carrot Cake from glutenfreespinner

The somewhat humble carrot cake underwent a major revival in the 70s and popped everywhere, and although you may think ‘not another carrot cake’, this terrific Dreamy Carrot Cake from is so much better than the 70s originals! Soft and moist (from the inclusion of pineapple) with a hint of cinnamon spice, and a lemon cream cheese topping; this cake melts in your mouth. It takes about 35 minutes to make (including the frosting) and about an hour to bake. This is one awesome cake that will see carrot cakes back on the menu!

Best Ice-cream CakeGF Choc brownie ice-cream cake

Something a little different and brilliant on a hot day or for a special occasion, this fabulous Chocolate Brownie Ice-cream Cake is also dairy-free, grain-free and egg-free—so knock yourselves out!  It’s super-easy to make and so, so good! The only baking is the base which takes about 15 minutes to prepare and 20 mins to bake, and once done it needs to sit in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Decorate with strawberries and cream and melted chocolate drizzle—totally brilliant!

Share your favourite cake recipe with us!

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