FASHFEST Tickets on sale NOW!

Tickets for Canberra’s most glamorous annual fashion event are on sale now and selling sizzling hot.

By Wendy Johnson (for LFW)

FF tickets image

When asked why she wanted to participate in FASHFEST, even though it means lugging a mountain of garments and other paraphernalia all the way from Melbourne, Mariska Thynne didn’t skip a beat. The fashion designer behind the label The Professor’s Daughter, has a sister who lives in the capital—a sister who attended FASHFEST last year.

“My younger sister and I go to a lot of fashion events together, including in Melbourne and Sydney,” she says. “Last year she went to FASHFEST and told me how fabulous it was. She said it was more of a spectacle and a curated show, not just a parade.

FASHFEST is a spectacle. This year will see four days of entertainment, featuring new collections by more than 30 designers, worn by around 80 models walking to the beat of music by 14 live musicians, covering a wide range of genres, from rap to jazz. Read on to find out how this spectacle works, who pulls it together, and view the Faces of FASHFEST.

Face of FASHFEST - Hannah Clare McKenzie

Face of FASHFEST – Hannah Clare McKenzie

The show is divided into a different theme each night says producer Steve Wright. To check out the themes—activist, inventor, cartographer and engineer—and which designer will showcase on which night, visit www.fashfest.com.au

Co-founders Clint and Andrea Hutchinson are determined that 2015 will be bigger than ever and are pushing for approximately 1000 seats a night to be sold for the red-carpet event. The event will be in a toasty warm venue for the first time, the National Convention Centre, so guests need to get shopping for designer outfits now.

This year the runway will be 50 metres and form a straight line. VIP seats are front row, gold second row, silver third to fifth rows, and bronze the remaining rows. Single tickets range from $75 to $130 a night. The top-two ticket levels offer an ‘experience’ package which give guests a special deal, including a guided tour backstage to watch the action as it unfolds. Package tickets cost $150 to $170.

Faces of FASHFEST - Hannah Clare McKenzie and Ken Scruton

Faces of FASHFEST – Hannah Clare McKenzie and Ken Scruton

Darren Russell, from platinum partner Elite Sound and Lighting, will haul no less than 20 tonnes of equipment to the National Convention Centre for FASHFEST and is in charge of rigging, staging, sound, lighting, video, screens and projectors. He will have a 15 member crew on site for two days to bump in, a show crew of four for all nights of the event, and a 15 crew to bump out.

For 2015, FASHFEST is hiring a massive portable, stadium seating system from a Melbourne company. “It’s the same seating used for major events like the Australian Open and the Opera on Sydney Harbour,” says Darren. “It will be transported from Melbourne in huge trucks and has its own crew in charge of building it.”

Work is now underway by the event’s new hair and makeup directors to plan ‘the look’ for each designer. Planning has to be detailed and meticulous says Darren Jones– this year’s new director of hair—who will work closely with creative director of hair, Craig Rhodes, and the new director of makeup, Diana Cheetham.

Face of FASHFEST - Ken Scruton

Face of FASHFEST – Ken Scruton

Coinciding with the launch of ticket sales is the launch of the annual FASHFEST tvc, produced by Screencraft and Zoo Advertising, with music by the event’s new music director, Ashley Feraude (Magnifik). It’s a dreamy black and white tvc that will be shown on WIN TV and Dendy Cinemas, both event partners.

FASHFEST is on 13 to 16 May and tickets are available from www.fashfest.com.au

Faces of FASHFEST: Hannah Clare McKenzie and Ken Scruton, HAUS Models

Face of FASHFEST - Hannah Clare McKenzie

Face of FASHFEST – Hannah Clare McKenzie

Leighton Hutchinson Photography

Hair: W Friend

MUA: K Mathias

On location: @citcanberra

Links to tvcs

15 sec https://vimeo.com/123396269

30 sec https://vimeo.com/123396271

60 sec https://vimeo.com/123396270


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