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It’s a FASHFEST Bump In!

FASHFEST bump in has started!

By Aine Dowling

I spent a fair bit of time in amateur theatre productions in a past life, and I thought I knew what a ‘bump in’ was all about. ‘Can you spare a couple of hours this weekend to help unload the van at bump in?’ Yeah, sure; no problem. But when three semi-trailers—each as big as a house—turn up on your doorstep (and that’s just with the seating) you know it’s going to take a tad longer than a couple of hours. With only three days to go—it’s a FASHFEST bump in.FF 3 days to go

The National Convention Centre is undergoing a complete transformation, including aforementioned three semi-trailer loads of tiered seating from Melbourne; the likes of which has never been used in Canberra before. The catwalk is installed—the longest Canberra has ever seen at 45 metres, and together with 20 tonnes (yes, you read it right!) of sound and lighting equipment from Elite Sound and Lighting, and LED screens at 2 – 3 times bigger than previous years; you are going to get the FASHFEST experience of a lifetime!

Getting the seating installed in the National Convention Centre

Getting the seating installed in the National Convention Centre

At 45 metres long, the catwalk is the biggest Canberra has ever seen

At 45 metres long, the catwalk is the biggest Canberra has ever seen

The Centre foyer will include layout design by Capezio Copeland and Walter Knoll furniture installed by Walter Knoll and Designcraft. A super special VIP area will cater for those who support, sponsor, or have purchased VIP packages to view this amazing extravaganza, and there are three media walls—two in the main area, and one in the VIP.

Walter Knoll chair (with Corr Blimey model in Scaffold Dress)

Walter Knoll chair (with Corr Blimey model in Scaffold Dress)

Then there’s the backstage. At the last count there were:

  • 85 models
  • 16 official photographers
  • Hair stylists from 23 Canberra salons, all working under Director of Hair, Darren Jones, and Creative Director of Hair, Craig Rhodes—with over 70 stylists all up including teachers and graduates from CIT
  • Around 50 makeup artists (not including students from CMA Training Group, and Studio A) working under Director of Makeup, Diana Cheetham, and Creative Director, Katie Saarikko.

Then there’s the florists, bar and bar staff, ushers, musicians and entertainers, and we haven’t even started on the designers and their teams. And, of course, not forgetting the FASHFEST team, PR, and media who pull the whole shebang together!FF Day5

And (but wait, there’s more) it’s not just the four days either. FASHFEST Day 5 is a special event where you have the opportunity to meet and chat with the designers, and get up close and personal with their collections. You can try on the garments, get measured up, place orders, and indulge. You can literally Shop ‘til you Drop and it’s free!

FASHFEST 13 – 16 May         FASHFEST Day 5 17 Mayff tickets

WHO IS … ?

WHO IS exhibition

by Wendy Johnson (for LFW)

When Louisa de Smet was invited to incorporate furniture design into her fashion design, she didn’t skip a beat. Louisa, the local fashion designer behind the label Corr Blimey, understands the intrinsic value of quality design, no matter what the discipline. And she was even more intrigued by the invitation because of the connection to Germany. So let’s take a step back and put all of this together for you.

Designcraft, which sells a wide range of authentic Australian and international furniture—mostly top-notch lines available exclusively through their massive showroom in Hume—loves the idea of cross-pollinating local business and international brands.

Scaffold dress and Walter Knoll chair

One of their iconic lines of furniture is Walter Knoll, based in Germany and celebrating 150 years in business in 2015. Designcraft also knew of Louisa, who has visited Berlin with her partner Steven Wright several times, each time inspired by what they saw on a deep level—architecture, colours, culture and quirkiness of so many of the hidden gems they stumbled across while wandering the city’s streets. Why not bring the two together brands together and see what could transpire, thought Bob Fenderson, Managing Director of Designcraft.

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