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HeartKids HillClimb, Fairbairn

By the LFW team

Here at LFW, we truly believe Canberrans are a marvellous bunch. We’re surrounded by lots of local heroes who do wonderful things for our community, including by raising awareness and funds for important causes. Like Daniel Cummins and a cause that is near and dear to his heart—that cause is one of the greatest killers of those under the age of 1 in this country—childhood heart disease.hearhill-kids-3

Daniel’s brother, Will, survived until the tender age of 12 with complex, chromosome syndrome. He was born premature with the debilitating condition, but could only fight for so long. In some ways, Will, and his family, were fortunate to be together for that long. You see, eight babies are born with a heart defect every day in Australia and four lives are lost every week. Daniel is the first to say that the drugs and technology used for childhood heart disease have come a long way but much more is needed. And so he started HeartKids HillClimb to raise funds and help in his own way.

Since 2009, the event has raised a whopping $65,000 ($10,000 last year alone). The funds are used for support, awareness, research and advocacy.heartkids-hill-1

In 2017, HeartKids HillClimb, now in its eighth year, will be held on Sunday 19 February at Fairbairn Park Hillclimb Track. It’s free and a fabulous family day out. Around 45 race car drivers will zoom around the 1km tarmac race track at Fairbairn, competing in time trials, with results posted on a massive screen. Every driver does two laps with the fastest winning. If you’re not a race car fan, HeartKids HillClimb still has lots on offer, including face painting and other family activities. The race car drivers are also kind enough to give kids the thrill of a life time by taking them for slow laps around the track.

But why a race car driving event to raise funds? “Will was passionate about cars, any cars, but definitely fast ones,” says Daniel. “He never stopped talking about them and adored his collection of 100 matchbox cars and his Playstation car racing game. Getting his learner’s licence and driving a cool black car was the last thing we spoke about.” At HeartKids HillClimb Daniel races his cool black car in Will’s honour. HeartKids ACT and NSW work together to raise funds for childhood heart disease. The Canberra event raises money through competitor entry fees, sponsorships, raffle ticket sales, and food and drink sold on the day.hearthill-kids-4

So if you’re not doing anything on Sunday 19 February, head to Fairbairn Park Hillclimb Track, Sutton Road, 9am to 4pm. In the meantime, follow the action on the event Facebook page.


Racing for Time…

HeartKids Hillclimb Car Race, Canberra 22 March

If you’re into fast cars and racing check out the HeartKids Hillclimb race on Sunday 22 March at Fairbairn. And when race drivers will peel their way around the sealed, 1km tarmac race track at Fairbairn they won’t be just competing to win, they’ll also be raising funds for the HeartKids Hillclimb event (free public spectator access).


Daniel Cummins in his cool black racing car

Daniel Cummins in his cool black racing car

HeartKids Hillclimb features time trial car racing action with opportunities for kids to ride around the track—slowly—in a race car. The event started in 2009 and has raised about $45,000 to date. Funds are raised through entry fees, sponsorships from business, raffle ticket sales, and food and drink sold on the day to participants and spectators.

The race track out at Fairbairn winds up and around a big hill. The event is a time trial so there’s one race car on the track at a time with race times posted on a large screen. For the HeartKids Hillclimb event, the 40 race car drivers involved do two laps with the fastest driver winning.

HeartKids Hillclimb is run by local photographer Daniel Cummins in honour of his little brother, Will, who would have been 27 this year. But Will passed away at age 12, after the heart defect he had since birth became too much for his body to take.

To honour his brother’s memory, Daniel started HeartKids Hillclimb, an event unique to the ACT. It’s held each year to raise awareness, funds and support for those with childhood heart disease. The drugs and technology used for the type of illness Will suffered have come a long way, but ongoing research and funding support is needed. HeartKids ACT and NSW join forces to raise funds.

But why a car race?

Will in his brother's car

Will in his brother’s car


Will was passionate about racing cars. He had a collection of 100 matchbox cars and a Playstation car racing game. “Getting his learner’s licence and driving a cool black car was the last thing we spoke about,” says Daniel, “but Will never made it.”

Daniel will also be racing—in his cool, black race car.

Canberra sponsors of HeartKids HillClimb 2015 are: Tongue and Groove, Ox Eatery, Gus’ Café, The Hospitality Store, Duxton, Drive GHT.


9am-4pm          Sunday 22 March          Fairbairn Park Hillclimb Track, Sutton Road