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So you want to be a Model …

By Wendy Johnson

FF Model casting 2016Keen to model at the largest and most stylish fashion event on the capital’s social calendar?

FASHFEST is gearing up for the 2016 model casting, to be held 22 May at the National Convention Centre. And already the number of model hopefuls applying has smashed last year’s record of 300.

The casting is ‘open’ which means models don’t have to belong to an agency. Indeed, since FASHFEST is big on training, applicants don’t even have to have previous modelling experience. If they have what it takes, they’ll cross the line and get to be in Canberra’s red-carpet fashion event. The only restriction is that models have to be 16 years of age on the day of the casting.

But what does it take to be a model? Internationally renowned photographer Robert Coppa—one of the five-member judging panel for the casting—says fluidity of motion is paramount as is the ability to exude confidence.

Robert Coppa

Robert Coppa

“You have to ‘own’ what you’re doing as a model. Coming in and out of poses confidently and smoothly, as though you’ve done it 100 times is the key,” says Robert. “With catwalk modelling you’re meant to look aloof and slightly disengaged because it’s all about showing off the designer fashion.”

The models are each assigned a number and have to glide up and down the makeshift catwalk before the judges. They’ll walk to music by Hamish Lardi, NeonHoney and FASHFEST’s official music director, Ashley Feraude. Keeping nerves calm is a challenge for some, even those with experience.

Other members of this year’s judging panel are Hayley O’Neill, Sydney-based fashion stylist and Fashion Office Coordinator at Marie Claire Australia, who originally hails from Canberra, and the owners of Canberra’s top modelling agencies Victoria Schnabl, Victoria’s Models, Andrea Hutchinson, HAUS Models, and Tina Nikolovski, Devojka Models.

FashFest Judging Panel 2015

FashFest Judging Panel 2015

As with previous years, FASHFEST is looking for diversity in its models, in part to meet the aesthetics of the different fashion designers who launch new collections on the catwalk. For example, with FASHFEST 2015, Red Corner Boxing required that ‘healthy, clean sports’ look. Other designers, like Karen Lee (who has launched a collection every year since FASHFEST began) require a mature, sophisticated look. Still others, like Hana Apparel Design and The Prodigal Daughter, require a look that celebrates their ethnicity.

While it’s serious stuff, Clint Hutchinson, co-founder of FASHFEST, says the model casting is a relaxed day and heaps of fun.

Nick Ellis (producer) directing operations at 2015 model casting

Nick Ellis (producer) directing operations at 2015 model casting

So if you think you’d like to give it a go, register for the 22 May model casting. If nothing else, you’ll have a great day and gain some great experience. Registration a must before the day of the casting, and you can register at www.fashfest.com.au

Printing 3D Fashion

Although the audience wasn’t aware, some of the fashion on the runway at Fashfest was made with a 3D printer. Yes, a printer. What happened to making good old paper patterns and cutting fabric with good old scissors you ask? Welcome to the world of fashion in 2015 and beyond. By Wendy Johnson.

Model Charne Esterhuizen wears 3D printed bracelet. Photograph by Robert Coppa

Charne Esterhuizen from Haus Models wears 3D printed bracelet by MAAK. Photograph by Robert Coppa

Organisations like the Australian 3D Manufacturing Association (A3DMA) and Engineer 3D are on to the infinite possibilities of this new-age technology. So too are an increasing number of fashion designers like those behind the label Mimetic, Melissa Pompeani and George McWilliam, and MAAK, Charne Esterhuizen, who are all recent graduates from the Canberra Institute of Technology.

Without getting technical, 3D manufacturing is the production of a physical object from a digital design. Today’s machines can make objects from almost any material, including plastic, glass, steel, and ceramics. Some items take an hour to produce and others much longer—depending on size and complexity. A shoe, for example, can take up to eight hours. A simple piece of jewellery much less.

Model Charne Esterhuizen wears 3D printed necklace and earings. Photograph by Robert Coppa

Charne Esterhuizen wears 3D printed bracelet by A3DMA. Photograph by Robert Coppa

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It’s Time! for Sovata

It’s Time for Jade Sargent to take control; of her life, her work, and her deep love of fashion.

By Wendy Johnson

And so this year, Jade has wound back on the number of days she works and has built into the rest of her life some serious, dedicated time to Sovata, her independent fashion label. The timing couldn’t be better with FASHFEST 2015 just six days away. Jade will showcase her new Taking control collection on the red carpet on Friday 15 May.

Image from Sovata X Libris collection

Image from Sovata X Libris collection

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WHO IS … ?

WHO IS exhibition

by Wendy Johnson (for LFW)

When Louisa de Smet was invited to incorporate furniture design into her fashion design, she didn’t skip a beat. Louisa, the local fashion designer behind the label Corr Blimey, understands the intrinsic value of quality design, no matter what the discipline. And she was even more intrigued by the invitation because of the connection to Germany. So let’s take a step back and put all of this together for you.

Designcraft, which sells a wide range of authentic Australian and international furniture—mostly top-notch lines available exclusively through their massive showroom in Hume—loves the idea of cross-pollinating local business and international brands.

Scaffold dress and Walter Knoll chair

One of their iconic lines of furniture is Walter Knoll, based in Germany and celebrating 150 years in business in 2015. Designcraft also knew of Louisa, who has visited Berlin with her partner Steven Wright several times, each time inspired by what they saw on a deep level—architecture, colours, culture and quirkiness of so many of the hidden gems they stumbled across while wandering the city’s streets. Why not bring the two together brands together and see what could transpire, thought Bob Fenderson, Managing Director of Designcraft.

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FASHFEST is Back in 2015!

The Canberra fashion event of the year is back with new Faces, a new venue, and bigger and better than ever! And the Faces of FASHFEST were announced this week!

Faces of Fashfest 2015 

By Wendy Johnson (for LFW)

They’re young. They’re fresh. They’re beautiful. And they’re trembling with excitement.

The new Faces of FASHFEST 2015, Hannah Claire McKenzie and Ken Scruton, were slightly stunned when told they had been selected out of  a record-breaking model casting call to represent Canberra’s pre-eminent annual fashion event at the highest level. But they soon got over it and within a matter of days were at their first launch, sporting smart black and white FASHFEST t-shirts and posing in front of a brand new Audi in a large photographic studio at Canberra Institute of Technology.

FF_Faces launch_LHutchinson6


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