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Breakfast at Edgar’s

Here’s another great place for a weekend brecky! On a very cold and very wet Saturday we bagged the last table inside to enjoy our first visit to Edgar’s Inn! By Aine Dowling

Edgar's Inn - image Edgar's

Edgar’s Inn – image Edgar’s

I haven’t been to Ainslie in years, but since a recently enforced visit I decided it was a great little shopping centre (especially the IGA) and have been waiting for an opportunity to try out Edgar’s Inn which always appears to be packed to rafters, and here’s why:

  • One—they have GF and vegan options
  • Two—they have a great outdoor seating area that even keeps you dry on the wettest of winter days
  • Three—the service is fast
  • Four—they have an all-day breakfast—at least I’m assuming that’s what ‘til late’ means.
Edgar's Eggs Benny - photo LFW

Edgar’s Eggs Benny – photo LFW

The Saturday we were there was no exception to the ‘packed to the rafters’ status even though it was less than 10 degrees celsius and absolutely bucketing down rain, the place was literally chockers both inside and out. The standard weekday breakfast menu is not extensive but offers enough variation on each individual dish to give you more options to choose from, and includes sweet choices granola and pancakes, as well the usual savoury favourites. The weekend menu has much more on offer and the prices are very reasonable compared to what you might pay in the city.

The main menu provides a choice of snacks and share dishes, salads, burgers, classics such as steak, and fish ‘n’ chips, and desserts—though sadly not GF, and there’s a good wine list.

We ordered Eggs Benny with bacon, a freshly made juice, and pot of tea. The service was fast and friendly, and the Eggs Benny was brilliant and generous with the eggs done to perfection, nice wilted spinach, and plenty of bacon, plus two pieces of toast. The only downside, and this applies to most cafés I’ve visited, is the tea. Why do they think it’s OK to charge around $4.50 for a pot of hot water with a teabag? Seriously, is it so hard to provide real tea? I’d willingly pay a bit more to see an infuser in my teapot.

Outdoor seating - image Edgar's

Outdoor seating – image Edgar’s

Edgar’s also caters for the sporting fans among us with footy nights (all codes). For those not into sports, get down there on Sunday afternoon for some great acoustic music by local groups and bands. Bookings are essential on the footy nights, and probably a good idea anytime on the weekend.

Edgar’s Inn, Ebden Street, Ainslie. Open Mon-Fri 7am – ’til late, weekends from 8am – ’til late.

Double good at Double Shot!

We’re on the hunt for the best Canberra breakfast! And Double Shot, with its GF, DF, and Paleo options, is certainly up there! by Aine Dowling

double shot wallDouble Shot is tucked away at Deakin Shops but on a sunny Saturday in May it was packed to the rafters with brunchers and lunchers both inside and out.

We managed to score a cosy corner booth for our family of four, and were left alone to peruse the menu. Monday – Friday the breakfast ends at 11.30am, but on the weekend it’s on all-day which makes for a very busy café from around 10am onwards. The menu is extensive and includes light breakfasts such as Bircher Muesli, toast with various spreads, Granola with coconut cream, and various egg dishes. The lunch menu is more substantial with fish ‘n’ chips, burgers, pasta dishes, risottos, and a great selection of healthy salads to which you can add your own protein, or not. All basic salads are vegan, gluten free, and dairy free—until you add the protein.

Paleo breakfast

Paleo breakfast

We ordered three Eggs Benny with bacon and spinach (one with GF toast), and one Paleo breakfast which included eggs, bacon, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, and avocado and also came with the option of GF toast. You could also have the Eggs Benny with smoked salmon or ham hock.

I’ll be honest. It was rather a wait, but that said the water was constantly topped up, the wait staff were friendly and attentive, and one member sipped on her second (free!) soy latte while we waited. And, when I say the café was busy, it was really, really busy! But not so noisy that you couldn’t have a conversation.

Eggs Benny

Eggs Benny

The eggs were cooked to perfection. The Hollandaise sauce was just right—not too light but not too creamy, and a generous serve, but if you like your bacon ultra-crisp (we don’t, but some do) you probably need to ask. We were left to linger. We weren’t rushed, and we could have taken our time and had more coffee … and the café was still packed.

One great feature of this place is that most dietary requirements can be met and the slices and cakes are mostly GF or DF, and some even sugar-free, and I can highly recommend the salted caramel slice. There is also a great range of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and organic teas.

Coffees, cakes, and smoothies

Coffees, cakes, and smoothies

Double Shot, Shop 7 Deakin Court, Deakin. Weekdays 7am – 5pm; weekends and public holidays 7am – 4pm


Images by LFW

Canberra’s Healthy Breakfasts!

In our Year of Eating Healthy we’re looking at café breakfasts around Canberra. We’re huge fans of a good breakfast, and any café who can do the perfect poached egg—which is not as easy as you might think; offers a gluten free option on the toast, and has the nous to offer an all-day breakfast, gets our vote. Surprisingly the latter are thin on the ground with most places moving to lunch around 11.30am, and in our opinion a good breakfast for $15 or so, is much (much) better value than lunch for upwards of $20, so a big tick from LFW to those who offer all day breakfasts.

Home-made poached egg on a bed of garlic spinach served on GF toast

Home-made fried egg on a bed of garlic spinach served on toasted Italian Ciabatta

Here are LFW’s five fave north-side Canberra breakfast spots.

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