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Canberra’s Healthy Breakfasts!

In our Year of Eating Healthy we’re looking at café breakfasts around Canberra. We’re huge fans of a good breakfast, and any café who can do the perfect poached egg—which is not as easy as you might think; offers a gluten free option on the toast, and has the nous to offer an all-day breakfast, gets our vote. Surprisingly the latter are thin on the ground with most places moving to lunch around 11.30am, and in our opinion a good breakfast for $15 or so, is much (much) better value than lunch for upwards of $20, so a big tick from LFW to those who offer all day breakfasts.

Home-made poached egg on a bed of garlic spinach served on GF toast

Home-made fried egg on a bed of garlic spinach served on toasted Italian Ciabatta

Here are LFW’s five fave north-side Canberra breakfast spots.

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