Corr Blimey! Designer jeans made in Canberra!

Truly … if there are two things women hate buying it’s a new swimsuit or a new pair of jeans—and I’m not sure which one is worse … but let’s take a look at jeans. First up there’s the colour—too light, too dark, too washed; then the fabric—too heavy, too stiff, too skinny; the length—full, capri, three-quarter; the ‘rise’—low, high, medium, and don’t get me started on the cut … I’m stressed already and we haven’t even made it to the change room!

But now here’s something different. Local independent designer Corr Blimey has designed a new line of women’s jeans from fabric sourced in Australia and made in Canberra. And not only that, but designer Louisa de Smet will work with you to make sure the jeans are a perfect fit!

Corr Blimey Strasse jeans

Corr Blimey Strasse jeans

The Strasse jeans (Street jeans) have been released as a limited edition in black with gasoline (petrol blue) coloured interior—made to be shown when the jeans are rolled up, and the fabric sculpts the body beautifully—showing off long sleek lines, and not too skinny. The style suits all body shapes and ages, and is perfect for women who want something different from the mass produced department store ‘same old’.

The design features Corr Blimey’s signature waistband as well as a new style of slim split pocket and special stitching—the stitching on every pair of jeans is different and the pair you choose is not like any other. Designer Louisa de Smet explains. “We wanted to add unique elements but without bulk, which women tend not to like. Like a shoe made from quality leather; these jeans mould to the shape of the wearer’s body—the more they’re worn, the more character they develop.” Most jeans have their lifespan halved during manufacture due to the elastin incorporated into the denim which, while it gives a bit of stretch and a snug fit, it also wears out much quicker. “The Strasse jeans come with quite a precise care label,” says Louisa, “and if you follow the instructions they will outlast any mass produced pair, and retain their colour.”

Strasse jeans unique stitching are different on every pair

Strasse jeans unique stitching is different on every pair

These jeans are the first that Corr Blimey has designed specifically for women in nearly 10 years, and while the Strasse jeans are more traditional with a front fly, Corr Blimey are looking at ‘fly free’ for the next design—where the jeans will incorporate a wrap front—similar to their casual pants from the Berlin collection. At the moment Strasse jeans are only available in black, but the new design will be in the petrol blue and sulphur gold currently available in the men’s jeans. And if you buy a pair of those you’re getting something truly unique … “The blue and sulphur is the last denim milled in Melbourne from Australian cotton,” says Louisa, “and we have about 60 metres of it—so it’s worth its weight in gold to Corr Blimey, and to those who buy a pair.”

And buying a pair of Strasse jeans is not like buying any other. Louisa works individually with each client to ensure the jeans are just right. Available in sizes 8 to 20 the jeans can be ‘tweaked’ for fit and height—so whether you’re petite or extra tall, you can get the perfect length to suit your style.

So forget the stress and struggle in the change room—Corr Blimey has got jeans just for you!

These models are wearing the same size jeans - suitable for every body; every shape

These models are wearing the same size jeans – suitable for every body; every shape

Unique Corr Blimey Strasse jeans are available directly from the designer at or email

Photographs by Alanna Bishop

Models Jen Dubois and Karen Brennan

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