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Corr Blimey! Designer jeans made in Canberra!

Truly … if there are two things women hate buying it’s a new swimsuit or a new pair of jeans—and I’m not sure which one is worse … but let’s take a look at jeans. First up there’s the colour—too light, too dark, too washed; then the fabric—too heavy, too stiff, too skinny; the length—full, capri, three-quarter; the ‘rise’—low, high, medium, and don’t get me started on the cut … I’m stressed already and we haven’t even made it to the change room!

But now here’s something different. Local independent designer Corr Blimey has designed a new line of women’s jeans from fabric sourced in Australia and made in Canberra. And not only that, but designer Louisa de Smet will work with you to make sure the jeans are a perfect fit!

Corr Blimey Strasse jeans

Corr Blimey Strasse jeans

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