FASHFEST Designers in Profile—SOVATA

For four years in a row Sovata has showcased a new collection at FASHFEST. By Aine Dowling.

Sovata collection 2015 - photo by LFW

Sovata collection 2015 – photo by LFW

Those who remember FASHFEST—way back when we were all freezing in an airport building—will also remember the classy race wear and amazing coordinated millinery of Sovata’s first show in 2013. Now we’re comfortably ensconced in the National Convention Centre, and Sovata has ventured slightly away from race wear for her latest collection. LFW caught up with Sovata designer, Jade Sargent, in her home studio, surrounded by sketches, patterns, and colour.

Sovata - previous collection

Sovata – previous collection

50/17 Spring/Summer Collection by Sovata is inspired by the 1950s cut and style; from svelte silhouettes, through nipped waists with full skirts, to androgynous tailored pants (think Lauren Bacall and Katherine Hepburn), all with a bold and modern twist.

“I’ve always loved the 50s look,” says Jade, “and so I bought some really old 50s patterns to research the difference between fashion then and the look of today. When you look at images from that period the women look quite different from now, and I had to ask myself; was their figure really so different, and did they all have 20 inch waists, or was it the way the clothes were cut.

“I started making patterns using darting from the 50s—which is quite different from the way darts are used today, and it offers a very flattering silhouette—in order to both incorporate the look into a modern style, and to include my minimal waste and sustainability of designs, which I’m still quite passionate about.”

Although moving slightly away from her zero waste past, Jade has moved into more natural and organic fabrics, including silks and cottons and blends of the two, while still using strong, bold colours together with blacks and pastels to emphasise the cut and shape of the garment. And although not specifically race wear, 50/17 can take you to the races, to work, or out and about. And the hats are yet to come!

Sovata - previous collection

Sovata – 2015 collection


50/17 will also include Sovata’s stunning trademark hats; each one complementing the garment, and following through with style and colour.

All garments by Sovata are custom made to suit the individual client’s taste and style. You can see more Sovata designs on their website, Facebook page, and Etsy.


Image Credits: Designer Sovata – Jade Sargent, Photographer Bad Cat Photography – Bec Fasson, Makeup Artistry – Kaarin Helmers, Models Lara Schroder, Georgia Mackay, Location East Hotel Canberra.



Sovata will be showcasing 50/17 at FASHFEST on Thursday 29 September in Show One at 6.30pm. Tickets on sale now!

Buy tickets now

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