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Trending Autumn with LFW!

A few essential items can take you anywhere this autumn, and you probably have them already in your wardrobe. By Aine Dowling

The leaves are falling; nights are cooling, and it’s time to start thinking about getting the boots and jumpers out of hibernation, and check what’s trending in autumn/winter fashion. At a recent Get Your Style On event we were inspired by style guru and amazing presenter, Trish Murray, on autumn essentials and how to ramp up your wardrobe. And the best thing? You don’t need to take out a mortgage to look the part. With some savvy shopping, you can look like a million dollars without the spend! Check out our pics and Get the Look!

Crop jackets

Crop jackets

Dark jeans, long tops, and a little crop jacket

Dark blue stretch jeans are definitely an item. Wear them rolled up for a casual look, or full length with cute little ankle boots for a more dressy date, and colder weather—just make sure they’re the perfect fit.

Cute ankle boots with jeans

Dark blue stretch jeans

Long sleeveless tops (that cover your butt) look great with jeans and there’s a gazillion styles to choose from. Choose one with some shape that’s not too loose and bulky, and top it with a cropped jacket; one that sits just above or on the waist so the bottom of the top is showing. Stripes are also making a comeback in tops, as is the sleeveless turtle neck. Your little crop jacket can be plain, with or without a collar, or with stylish zip (or other hardware) features. Finish with a tote-bag for casual daytime, or a nice clutch for a great smart casual look.

The pencil skirt

A pencil skirt goes with anything. Wear it short with opaque tights and flats or ankle boots, or on the knee with full length boots or a heel. If you go for black, top it with some colour, you don’t want to look funereal, and many people just don’t like the all black look. A peplum top hides a tummy, while your shaped long top or tunic covers the hips and gives a longer line.

Pencil skirt worn with crop jacket and ankle boots

Pencil skirt worn with crop jacket and ankle boots

The boots

For style, comfort, and warmth, you can’t beat a good boot. Ankle boots are great with jeans and skirts, and long boots look terrific with short or long skirts and dresses. So many styles and colours to mix and match with—just don’t wear suede in the rain.

Cute ankle boots with buckle detail

Cute ankle boots with buckle detail

The coat

As mentioned in our earlier post In the Trench, the Trench Coat is back! But, so is colour! Short or long, trench or not, look bright and cheerful in bright blue, forest green, burnt orange, plum, and bright red, or stay true to classic navy or camel. Pea coats, duffle coats, and trench ties or double-breasted will also be seen this autumn.

Winter coats: l-r Duffle, Pea, and military style

Winter coats: l-r Duffle, Pea, and military style

and finally … Scarves

Scarves are back—did they ever leave? This autumn/winter sees the arrival of the blanket scarf. A large warm square that can be worn rolled as a scarf or open as a shawl. Don’t underestimate the blanket in its name … round the shoulders, over the knees, as a poncho … you’re only limited by your imagination! And at the end of the season you can use it as a picnic blanket, dog blanket, sofa or bed throw or whatever!

How to wear the blanket scarf. Image by LFW

How to wear the blanket scarf. Image by LFW

Thanks to Trish Murray, and Roundhouse Hotel Group, Premier Hotel and Apartments, Belconnen

In the Trench!

Went to a terrific style night recently with style guru and fantastic speaker and presenter Trish Murray, and got the low-down on what’s in for autumn and winter fashion, and, some great tips and tricks on how to ramp up a simple pair of jeans and top and look like you’ve just stepped off the catwalk! But more about that later … what really caught our eye was the Blue Illusion Three-Way Trench Coat.

The trench is going to be ‘big’ this winter, and this trench beats them all.

Iris wears - Blue Illusion three-way Trench Coat

Iris wears – Blue Illusion three-way Trench Coat

A short style trench in classic navy with tan contrast in the lining, lapels and inner collar, the coat is fashionably double-breasted and comes with a nice buckle belt—how to fasten the belt however, is the monumental question, though the general consensus in the fashion world is that you tie the belt. However, if you’re Iris Apfel (who’s 94 years young and the face of Blue Illusion—and isn’t that just fantastic!) you can basically do just what you feel like … and rightly so.

But back to the trench.

The trench works three ways. First, it’s a very stylish winter coat in 100 per cent pure cotton and looks totally fabulous, but … remove the trench feature and sleeves and you have a sleeveless vest trench. Then, wear the trench feature and sleeves by itself (it’s one piece) and it’s a bolero or cropped jacket that fastens at the neck. How cool is that!

The three-way trench sells for $299 and is available from Blue Illusion online, or from outlets at Westfield Belconnen and Woden, The Canberra Centre, and the Manuka Centre.

And now—how to ‘do’ the belt. You can tie at the front, or back, or do a grand Iris—whatever the heck you feel like!

Tie Trench coat

Back tie Trench coat 2

Buckle trench coat

Fashion on the Field—what we’ve learnt so far …

LFW is off to Thoroughbred Park’s Melbourne Cup Race Day in November and we’ve been chatting to a few people, including the amazing Power of Presence guru Trish Murray, so we thought we’d pass on a few tips to get you through the day in comfort and style from top to toe—literally! And, use the opportunity to plug some of our fave local fashion designers at the same time.

Myer Fashion on the Field

Myer Fashion on the Field

Stunning colour from Sovata

Stunning colour from Sovata

Wear a hat, or fascinator, or even a hatinator … but definitely wear something on your head. Wearing a hat serves two purposes—it looks good, it saves your hair if it’s a windy day, and provides shade on a hot day … OK that’s three. Plus, it’s almost THE LAW to wear something on your head at the races. Check out these stunning designs from Sovata (right), BM Designs, and spring floral bands from PeonynPearl (see images below).




Wear a dress. Forget the pants—leave those to the guys—and get a nice dress. Preferably not too much cleavage (note: from Myer Fashion on the Field ‘a predominance of exposed skin is not classed as classic race wear’), and unless it’s pushing 40 degrees celcius cover your shoulders—you don’t want sunburn the next day and you don’t want to be constantly hoisting up skinny straps that slide down. Come to think of it, if it is 40 degrees even more reason to cover your shoulders, and a nice light short jacket or shrug style is perfect. Who can forget the famous Parliament House dress by Zilpah Tart? Check out her gorgeous spring/summer Bloom Collection.

Petal Dress by Zilpah Tart - Bloom Collection

Petal Dress by Zilpah Tart – Bloom Collection

Get some colour. You can add pizazz to monochrome with colourful shoes or bag, or stick to black and white and go wild and colourful with your head wear. According to Vogue (the guru of all fashion) spring/summer colours are lemon, tangerine, strawberry pink, subtle greens, bright blues, and hot peach.

Summer colours -

Summer colours …

Get a nice clutch bag—one that comes with a slender detachable shoulder strap is handy for après races. You don’t need to cart around a big tote or handbag. Get a clutch that will hold a small purse, phone, lippy, keys, and a couple of tissues. The lovely Sash & Belle has a great selection of clutches and small handbags just perfect for the event.

Colourful clutches from Sash & Belle

Colourful clutches from Sash & Belle

Don’t overdo the jewellery! You can sparkle without covering yourself in bling. Coco Chanel had this great tip ‘before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take something off’. I think she meant jewellery … yeah, she did.

Legs. To tan or not to tan. To wear stockings or no stockings. It’s always the legs … Seriously though, if you wear sandals then forget the stockings, and if it’s scorching hot definitely forget the stockings. If you absolutely must get a spray tan make sure you do it a couple of days before so it has time to calm down a bit. Alternatively, you can just get a good quality over-the-counter fake tan. We recommend Ambre Solair or Le Tan, both of which are easy to apply and give a nice subtle tint.

L-R: Wedge sandals by I Love Billy, Missano, Top End

L-R: Wedge sandals by I Love Billy, Missano, Top End

Wear wedge heels. They’re more comfortable on grass and uneven surfaces, and offer a bit more support if you’re standing for long periods. Spindly heels are definitely a no if you’re on soft surfaces! Sandal wedges with an ankle strap are trendy, comfy, and look great.

and finally … get your toes done! Polished toes are a must in sandals.

So there you have it. LFW race tips—from top to toe!

Amazing headwear from BM Designs, and floral bands from PeonynPearl

Amazing headwear from BMdesigns, and floral bands from PeonynPearl