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Lean and Green!

In our Year of Eating Healthy we’re getting lean and green with winter veggies including greens, greens, and more greens! Greens are chock full of minerals (calcium, iron, and potassium), anti-oxidants, and vitamins—especially A, C, E and K, and a few of the best Bs. Leafy greens like spinach, kale, and chard also contain fibre. So when your mother said ‘eat your greens’ she knew what she was talking about! By Emma Dowling

Our recipes below include greens with a high vitamin B12 content such as Brussels sprouts, spinach, bok choy, broccolini, and green beans; with a few not-so-green extras such as shell fish (great source of B12), mushrooms, nuts, and garlic, though not high on the B12 register it does contain plenty of vitamin C and is great for your immune system—not to mention keeping the vampires away; just joking there.

So check out our favourite Great Green recipes—they’re really good for you!

Broccolini and snow peas with sesame dressingTurning Green broccolini and snap peas Continue reading