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Boy meets Girl—both meet pallets!

Bringing back the glamour to old wood pallets

I’ve got two wood delivery pallets propped up against the side fence. They’ve been there for ages—and every time I look at them I say to myself ‘I could do something with those’ and if I were imaginative, motivated, crafty and all the rest—I could, but for now I’ll just be inspired by the gorgeous range of pallet furniture from boyandgirlco.



Partners in life Anita Jones and Carlo Angelo Malaca were dining one evening at Kitchen by Mike in Sydney and fell in love with the raw wood furniture, and decided there and then to completely change their life by adopting a more sustainable—reuse and recycle—lifestyle. After doing a bit of internet research on carpentry, they bought some basic tools, found some pallets, and created their first piece. Family and friends who saw the furniture started to place orders, then they started to sell to clients with a similar philosophy and who loved the raw handcrafted pieces. boyandgirlco was founded when Anita and Carlo went against the old adage ‘don’t give up your day job’ and quit their corporate environment.

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