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Kids’ First at FASHFEST!

For the first time kids featured in two shows at FASHFEST this year, and boy did they enjoy themselves! Both Tip You’re It! and NOMIKO made first appearances at FASHFEST, and considering the kids walked the full length of the runway to huge audiences, they exuded the style and confidence that any model would.

Tip your it

Tip You’re It! Photo by LFW

First up was Tip You’re It! a fashion store with a difference. Opening in 2015 Tip You’re It! sells a huge range of gorgeous kids’ fashion brands, gifts and accessories, furniture and décor—you can find everything you need from cool casual to party style, for babies and up to 6 years. Tip You’re It! is located at 5/18 Lonsdale Street, Braddon—open 7 days a week—or check out their website or Facebook page.


NOMIKO – photo courtesy FASHFEST

NOMIKO is the brainchild of Andrea and Clint Hutchinson, founders of FASHFEST, and was established, together with co-founder and partner Sophia Petersen, after the birth of Andrea and Clint’s two gorgeous children. NOMIKO is quality and fun fashion for kids from 4 to 10 years and includes boys, girls, and unisex designs. Running around, playing in the dirt, getting messy—that’s what kids are meant to do, and NOMIKO’s comfy leggings, hoodies, dresses, pants, and tops allows them to just get on with being kids. In fact, the clothing is so fabulous you will wish it came in your size! All garments are designed and made in Canberra. NOMIKO is available by order, and you can find them on Facebook.


NOMIKO – photo courtesy FASHFEST

Tip your it2

Tip You’re It! Photo by LFW

Another First for FASHFEST!

Kid’s modelling auditions for FASHFEST will be held this Sunday, 10 September at Hotel QT Canberra from 2 – 5pm.

thumbnail_NOMIKO_Photo by Wearefoundau

FASHFEST 2016. Photo by Wearefoundau

Showcasing kids’ fashions from Braddon boutique Tip, You’re It!, and new kids’ label NOMIKO, over two shows on 28 and 30 September respectively.

FASHFEST is looking for around 20 children aged from 4 to 10 years who are confident enough to walk the long runway in front of a large audience with the background music and lighting that FASHFEST puts on.  At the audition, the kids will have their height measured, be allocated a number, and walk the runway a few times with the aim being fun for everyone. All children will be supported by FASHFEST volunteers.

thumbnail_NOMIKO_Photo by Anita Entriken

FASHFEST 2016. Photo by Anita Entriken

Kids selected will be required to attend dress rehearsals, attend a fitting by the designers, and be photographed and captured on video to be used on the FASHFEST website.

Registrations are essential, and you can register your child to audition via the FASHFEST website.

thumbnail_NOMIKO_Photo by Doug Hall

FASHFEST 2016. Photo by Doug Hall