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The Paris End of Canberra!


The Paris End, Mitchell

Have you found the Paris End yet? Does Canberra even have a Paris End? Yes, it does!

The Paris End is the brain-child of Anthony and Rebecca, of Hummingbird Vintage, whom most of you know from ThreeSixty Fashion Market, and who were instrumental in organising the brilliant vintage and swing dance segment at FASHFEST last year.

As you would expect, the Paris End includes vintage fashion, accessories, art, and bric-a-brac, and brings everything together in a one-stop permanent outlet in Mitchell. “We had been thinking about consolidating for some time,” says Anthony, “and by the end of last year we’d finally worked out what we wanted, and, more importantly, how we wanted it to look and work.


“This place used to be a music shop, with nooks and crannies, and separate little rooms, and the previous owner didn’t want the ambience to change, and that was fine with us. So we worked with the spaces available to bring a little bit of Paris to Canberra.” And if you’ve ever fossicked around in the old shops of Montmartre, you’ll see the resemblance.


Fossicking in Montmartre

But the Paris End is not all vintage and vogue. “Come upstairs and I’ll show you the top of the Paris End,” says Anthony. Upstairs? The stairs are somewhat hidden behind racks at the moment, but once there, the floor space is actually larger than the downstairs and is split into a number of separate rooms. The first room is beautifully light and bright, and although it overlooks the street it’s serenely quiet and calm. With polished timber floors and strategic lighting, this room is destined to be a small art gallery; launching and showing small exhibitions of local artists and creators—again somewhat reminiscent of the little galleries in artists’ collectives in the older 18th Arrondissement.

18th Arrondissement

Art in Montmartre (18th Arrondissement)

Along the hallway there are four more rooms which will offer relaxing aromatherapy treatments, where you can wind down, and have all your stresses massaged away while sipping on a peppermint tea.


Vintage and vogue on offer at The Paris End, Mitchell

The upstairs rooms are not quite finished and the top of the Paris End will not be fully operational for a few more weeks. So watch this space!

All it now needs is a moody café next door with a husky voiced singer installed, and you’ll think you really are in Paris!

You can get your Paris on at: The Paris End, 1/56 Heffernan Street, Mitchell. Open now, and Hummingbird Vintage, The Paris End, ThreeSixty Fashion Markets, and other local and regional markets as advertised.

London calling The Duxton!

Duxton Kerbside Markets are back in 2016 with a twilight pop-up hosted by The Duxton, O’Connor, and shaking up the market scene with a real street/kerbside market feel a la Brick Lane in London! By Aine Dowling

Image courtesy The Duxton

Image courtesy The Duxton

With more than 25 stallholders, you can grab a bargain in clothing, vintage, homewares, aromatherapy, food and wine, art and design, jewellery and accessories, toys, and much more! You can also enjoy The Duxton’s great hospitality with burgers, steaks, pizza, salads, and yummy desserts, and kick back to cool music from Afi Ayup.

Here’s a little sample of what to expect—and enjoy!

Hummingbird Vintage—who doesn’t like a bit of vintage … ladies and men’s trendy vintage fashion at great prices. I know this because it’s where I bought my gorgeous tartan kilt last year, and it is a real kilt not just a pleated skirt.

Image courtesy Hummingbird Vintage

Image courtesy Hummingbird Vintage – image from Hummingbird

Wyx and Wax make the most amazing candles. Remember these? How good do they look?

Candles from Wyx and Wax

Candles from Wyx and Wax – image courtesy Wyx and Wax

Treat yourself to something special from Bonty or Glitterbomb

Bonty Bangle - image from Bonty

Bonty Bangle – image from Bonty

Glitterbomb pendant - image courtesy Glitterbomb

Glitterbomb pendant – image courtesy Glitterbomb

Then, take home a cheery bunch of flowers from Daisy’s Daisies, or a natural sweet treat such as this brand new Gungahlin honey with lemon, pear and vanilla, from Canberra Urban Honey

Gorgeous flowers from Daisy's Daisies - image courtesy the florist

Gorgeous flowers from Daisy’s Daisies – image courtesy the florist

Canberra Urban Honey - image courtesy producer

Canberra Urban Honey – image courtesy producer

Duxton Kerbside Markets are on this Thursday 31 March from 6 – 10pm.

360 degrees at Kingston!

Pre-loved or designer fashion—you can get it all at 360!

By Aine Dowling

360 header Three Sixty Fashion Market, aka 360FM, opened up shop in the Kingston Fitter’s Workshop in October 2014 and is already becoming the place for ethical, sustainable, and vintage (pre-loved) clothing and accessories. Its location is ideal—smack between the Canberra Glassworks and The Old Bus Depot Markets—attracting visitors from both, as well as standing on its own as a unique outlet for bargain designer items.

Recycled bohemian sits among the classic and corporate wear at 360FM

Recycled bohemian sits among classic and corporate wear at 360FM

LFW paid its first visit to the busy market on Sunday and we were impressed with the range of goods on offer. The pre-loved stuff is very high quality but not high-priced; verified by the lovely Fletcher Jones tartan kilt I picked up for less than $40 at Hummingbird Vintage. There are a number of former FASHFEST designers there including Dissonance, and Audrey Blue, plus hand-made jewellery from Peonynpearl, bags from Sash & Belle, candles, and books and toys.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s on offer. Check 360FM website for their next market day.

Ethical and certified fair-trade fashion by Audrey Blue

Ethical and certified fair-trade fashion by Audrey Blue

Gorgeous hand-made jewellery by Peonynpearl

Gorgeous hand-made jewellery by Peonynpearl

Pops of lime among classic black by Dissonance

Pops of lime among classic black by Dissonance

Dissonance designer, Annette Clark with her 2013 FASHFEST dress

Dissonance designer, Annette Clark with her striking 2013 FASHFEST dress

Gorgeous bags from Sash & Belle's Autumn/Winter Collection

Gorgeous bags from Sash & Belle’s Autumn/Winter Collection

Flat out at Hummingbird Vintage

Flat out at Hummingbird Vintage