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Foraging for gin at Canberra’s Australian National Botanic Gardens

Underground Spirits, Canberra’s most awarded spirits brand and the spirit of Canberra, has partnered with the Australian National Botanic Gardens to create Ad Crescendum Native Gin. Ad Crescendum—Latin meaning to grow—the collaboration was created with specially foraged native botanicals grown in the garden in celebration of the Gardens’ 50th Anniversary year in 2020. thumbnail_182_MAR'20 (1)

“Underground Spirits and the Australian National Botanic Gardens have worked together to create a gin that is really something special,” said Underground Spirits CEO, Claudia Roughley, “and we’re so privileged to be given access to truly wondrous botanicals.”

Many precious plants and flowers grown, nurtured and protected at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, and this native gin features botanicals from all over Australia sourced from the Gardens including Banksia, Finger lime, Rainforest Aniseed, White Aspen and Yam Daisy. Ad Crescendum will remain part of Underground Spirits’ permanent line-up of premium Canberra-made spirits.

Peter Feilen, Horticulturalist at the Australian National Botanic Gardens revealed today how happy the Gardens are to partner with Underground Spirits to create this special gin.

thumbnail_181_MAR'20 (1)

“We have a hugely diverse collection of native species in our living collection, with seeds and cuttings sourced from every corner of Australia. I couldn’t be prouder in celebrating the foundation of our institution, drawing on Australia’s rich plant heritage to create this special edition 50th Anniversary Gin,” said Peter.

Underground Spirits’ Ad Crescendum Gin is now available to purchase online from www.undergroundspirits.com.au, and from select retailers in Canberra. Part of the profits from this gin will help to support native plant conservation activities by the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Botanicals used

  • Banksia ericifolia (Banksia): honey sweet,
  • Citrus australasica (Fingerlime): fresh zesty citrus, hint of cooked apples.
  • Syzygium anisatum(Rainforest Aniseed): aniseed.
  • Acronychia oblongifolia(White Aspen): citrus
  • Microseris lanceolata (Yam Daisy): sweet and slightly coconutty.
  • Podocarpus elatus(Plum Pine / Illawarra Plum): pine taste, sweet.
  • Backhousia myrtifolia (Grey Myrtle): cinnamon.
  • Rubus moluccanus(Native Raspberry): raspberry fruit.
  • Tasmannia lanceolata(Pepperberry): aromatic peppery.

Underground spirits

Tasting notes

Ad Crescendum is a tactile and engaging gin with hints on the nose of the Australian backyard. The taste is soft on the tongue and mellow with a mild sweetness, like pear flesh, from native flowers. Linking to the botanicals used, the Banksia offers a honey sweet nectar aroma, along with the White Aspen and the Yam Daisy topping it up with a bit of tropical, balanced by the sharpness of the Plum Pine, and the citrus of the Fingerlime and the Grey Myrtle. The Pepperberries, the Grey Myrtle and the Rainforest Aniseed complete the citrus and sweet profile by adding just the right amount of spiciness and some more complex flavours.

Underground Spirits in Canberra

No it’s not about the Yowie Man’s ghost and poltergeist tours. Did you know Canberra has own award-winning distillery? Underground Spirits, located in Kambah, makes gin and vodka, and has recently revealed a completely new look. James Bond would love it!

US 1

Although it’s had a rebrand, it’s still the same premium quality and taste which has just seen them knock out the competition and scoop major awards at two highly acclaimed international spirits awards, making them Canberra’s most awarded spirits brand.

Underground Spirits was awarded Silver for gin and vodka, Silver in the Vodka & Tonic category, and Bronze in the Gin & Tonic category, at the 2018 International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC). Announced on 24 July in London, the IWSC is the world’s oldest and most highly-regarded wine and spirits tasting competition, with entries received from nearly 90 countries worldwide. The distillery also received a Double Gold for its vodka, and a Silver medal for its gin at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, regarded as one of the most competitive and influential and competitions in the spirit world.

Underground Spirits 2

Underground Spirits’ founder, Dr Toby Angstmann commented. “These recent award wins have seen Underground Spirits become Canberra’s most awarded spirits brand. We have now won eleven awards for our gin and seven awards for our vodka both here in Australia and internationally which is just phenomenal”.

US 2

These awards have come at an exciting time for Underground Spirits which has recently undergone a complete rebrand. Underground Spirits’ vodkas and gins are now presented in modern bottles with bold new labels with a colour palette that reflects the Canberran landscape, and feature a stylised map of Canberra, and is designed to reflect the brands personality—modern, innovative, and a reflection of the true Australian character. The map is a symbol of place and process and signifies the use of regional ingredients.

Underground Spirits

“Our new brand will help launch and expand Underground Spirits globally, while firmly cementing our Canberra roots through the design and brand identity,” concluded Toby.

US Gettin figgyAnd to cap it off … here’s a recipe from Underground Spirits for their cocktail Getting’ Figgy with It.

40ml Underground Spirits Vodka
30ml Cider
2 fresh figs
A dash of lemon juice
Thyme syrup (optional)
Mix the figs & lemon juice into a cocktail shaker adding a scoop of ice & a dash of Thyme syrup.
Add our Signature Vodka shaking until well chilled, then strain into your glass of choice.
Finish off with the cider & a sprig of Thyme.

To celebrate the launch of their new brand, Underground Spirits is offering free shipping on all its orders within Australia for the month of August 2018.

Images courtesy Threesides Marketing and Underground Spirits.