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Canberra’s Unique Ceramic Experience!

The creativity of ceramics will soon be celebrated in Canberra across four days in July, when the capital hosts the prestigious Australian Ceramics Triennale.  For Canberrans and visitors alike, this is a unique (and wonderful) opportunity to see the works of some of Australia’s best ceramicists as well as many from around the world. More than 35 free public exhibitions will take place across the city in Stepping Up, the name of the 2015 Triennale (9 to 11 July). By Wendy Johnson

Stunning ceramic bowl by Johanna DeMaine

Stunning ceramic bowl with precious metals by Johanna DeMaine

Avi Amesbury, CEO/Artistic Director at Craft ACT—herself a ceramicist—says this is Australia’s premier ceramics event and the last time Canberra hosted it was in the 1980s. Although the conference component of the Triennale is an opportunity for high-end ceramicists to get serious about expanding their skills and ideas, through presentations, panel discussions and workshops, the Triennale offers a great deal for the public.

Much of Trenna Langdon's work explores the colours and texture of the Canberra region

Much of Trenna Langdon’s work explores the colours and texture of the Canberra region

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