Seven Days of New Year—Day Six!

Day 6! And if we’ve worked this out right, it’s also Saturday, so we’re splurging with Hot Dogs! Yes … Hot Dogs!  Way to go!


Hot Dog with avocado, salad, and  crunchy bacon pieces

But hang on there … hot dogs? Well our hot dogs are healthy hot dogs. We’re using real meat GF sausages (not your horrible pink Frank things), GF or whole-grain hot dog buns, and some great toppings. And, we’re serving them with one (or two) of our great salads that we published earlier. So try one of our guilt-free hot dogs. Yummy! And the kids will love them too!


Hot Dog with crispy, crunchy home-made coleslaw

Start out with good quality sausages and buns and add either, or a combination of, slaw, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, Asian pickle, avocado, salsa, Spanish (red) onion, and anything else that takes your fancy. Just remember to go carefully with cheese and dairy as they will boost your fat intake.


Put the HOT in hot dog with spicy Asian pickles!

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