Santa Claus is already in Town!

By the LFW team. It’s countdown to Christmas! Do yourself a big favour. Make a list. Check it twice. And get your shopping done early, far, far away from the madding crowds and before the summer heat settles in.

CARDIF Collective is hosting Christmas Cheers this Wednesday 7 December with drinks, nibbles, fashion, and gifts galore! Meet the designers and shop local—Santa won’t mind.

In my Element fused glass

In my Element fused glass

CARDIF Collective stocks the creative work of more than 35 designers and makers, the largest number housed in one store in the inner South, if not Canberra. The range includes men’s, women’s and kid’s fashion, jewellery, homewares, ceramics, fabrics and haberdashery.

Ear-rings by Tangs design

Ear-rings by Tangs design

Stocking stuffers are easy to source, including loop scarves by Zilpah Tart, made with exclusive fabric prints featuring photographs taken in Canberra, and loop scarves lovingly made of gorgeous men’s silk ties (all original) by Alchemy jewellery. And you can’t go wrong with men’s and women’s cool t-shirts by We will Multiply or I Heart Threads. Zilpah Tart also sells what designer Yumi Morrissey is calling The Perfect Christmas Dress in her bright red Vivid print. The t-shirt dress is Zilpah Tart’s best-selling design.

Yumi’s perfect Christmas dress— Photographer - Tracy Lee Photography; Model Ashley Perry - Devojka Models; HMUA - Hayley Boyle

Yumi’s perfect Christmas dress— Photo by Zilpah tart; Steph Church Makeup; Model: Rochelle Tiley

New lifestyle fashion by ethical and sustainable Pure Pod, from the collection launched at FASHFEST, has just arrived in-store as have new designs by Fujinella with pieces created from a monotone colour palette that will fit into any wardrobe. Jewellery lovers will find themselves in heaven. A new jewellery designer to CARDIF Collective is Aurelia Grigore-Reid, who creates with pieces with a range of materials including gemstones, pearls and Swarovski crystals. Connie Dimas creates jewellery with soft sophisticated shapes. New pieces are in store by Tangs Design, and they’re great value. Silver smithing and woodworking feature in Sarah Bourke’s jewellery—100 per cent handcrafted from Australian and exotic hardwoods. Seraglio Designs are timelessly elegant and sophisticated and come in amazing colours. Other jewellers include  Dint, Pip Keane Designs, Anne Masters and Classy Glass.



For the little ones in your life, you won’t go wrong with pieces by Kinderhoonz by designer Hannah Hoyne, who is also a sculptor and performance artist. Kiva made for fun sell functional, unisex, everyday wear for children from birth to five years. And an all-time fav, Wombat and Poss, is also instore.



CARDIF Collective’s line of homewares is growing and now includes fine products by Hart Ceramics and FRattempo,  macramé by Annette Boyd, and unique pieces by In My Element Glass Design (which also sells jewellery and cufflinks).

Pure Pod — Photo by Zilpah Tart; Steph Church Makeup; Model: Rochelle Riley

Pure Pod — Photographer – Tracy Lee Photography; Model Ashley Perry – Devojka Models; HMUA – Hayley Boyle

CARDIF Collective Christmas Cheers is on Wednesday 7 December, 6pm to 9pm. If you haven’t been to CARDIF Collective before, it’s easy to find. Get to the Cusack Centre, Green Square, Kingston and head up the stairs. You can’t miss it.

Autumn trees loop scarf by Zilpah tart

Autumn trees loop scarf by Zilpah tart


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