FASHFEST—Mentor of Fashion

Although we still have to wait a couple of weeks before we get to the shows, FASHFEST is formally off and running with its launch at the Canberra Centre on Wednesday 14 September. As we sipped on our champagne and mingled with the beautiful people, it occurred to us that FASHFEST is not just about fashion.

FASHFEST launch 2016

FASHFEST launch 2016 (photo LFW)

FASHFEST is a different experience for everyone. It focusses on local Canberrans including designers, photographers, speakers, models, hairdressers, make-up artists, media, communication, and yes, even bloggers! FASHFEST gives many people an opportunity to showcase their talents and participate in a highly professional and organised event. And, this year, FASHFEST is turning its attention to the business side of fashion with an innovative mentorship program together with Bradley Allen Love Lawyers (B.A.L.).

Andrea Hutchinson (Co-founder FASHFEST) with Sarah Kelly (Canberra Centre)

Andrea Hutchinson (Co-founder FASHFEST) with Sarah Kelly (Canberra Centre) (photo Avon Dissanayake)

Now you might think that having a lawyer on board—regardless of what you do—is always a useful asset. But this mentorship program provides more than just Law 101 by combining business and creativity to encourage and assist artistic entrepreneurs to go out into the world of business with some understanding and knowledge of what they want, and what they need to know to achieve it.

Susan Proctor (B.A.L. Lawyers) with Andrea Hutchinson

Susan Proctor (B.A.L. Lawyers) with Andrea Hutchinson (photo LFW)

Susan Proctor (Legal Director, B.A.L. Lawyers) explains. “We’ll take six intakes (one from each of the creative fields) connected to the world of fashion, and give them a chance to build their business acumen. We were attracted to FASHFEST not just because it puts on a stunning, three-day fashion experience, but because of the event’s aspirations—putting modern, emerging fashion, design, and creative talent on Australia’s capital stage for the world to see.

“Our relationship with FASHFEST will strengthen the opportunities and success of the talent that passes through. The intern will be able to kick-start their careers by getting some business fundamentals right; whether that’s company structure, contract terms, copyright, or supply agreements, and we’re incredibly excited about our new collaboration and looking forward to meeting our first six interns.”

Clint Hutchinson (FASHFEST Co-founder) chats with designer Rasa Mauragis

Clint Hutchinson (FASHFEST Co-founder) chats with designer Rasa Mauragis (photo Avon Dissanayake)

FASHFEST is now in its fourth year and is providing more opportunities for Canberra creatives to become involved in the world of fashion and business. This ground-breaking mentorship program will enable many aspiring designers to follow their dream, and who knows … we may just have another Versace or Chanel hiding in the wings.

Modelling FASHFEST 2016

Models Modelling FASHFEST 2016 (photo Avon Dissanayake)

FASHFEST 29 September – 1 October – two shows a night at 6.30 and 8.30pm, National Convention Centre. Tickets on sale now!

Photography by Avon Dissanayake, Sparking Weddings Photography  Facebook

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