FASHFEST meets fletcherLovell!

fletcherLovell is a brand new range of cute and gorgeous ballet fLats in soft leathers and comfy fabrics, and will be on display at FASHFEST 2016! LFW caught up with Penny Lovell, designer and owner of the brand, and got the scoop on these fabulous fashion items.


Gloria – in gorgeous blues with bling and sparkle!

“In 2014, I experienced a significant loss in my life and during this time, I was inspired to think of all of us as individual artworks; a mixture of emotions and stories,” says Penny. “I wanted women to think of themselves as beautiful complex paintings, colouring the world with every step that they took. Shoes were the natural fit for this vision and my own love of footwear. I chose ballet flats because they are versatile and easy to change to suit your mood. I set up the business in 2015 and launched the website in 2016.”


Isla – in bright red nappa leather

The shoes are designed in Australia and made in Spain from beautiful soft Spanish leather uppers and inners, or fabric with leather inners, and all have rubber soles for comfort and grip. The leather shoes include the Artist’s Palette range of bright colours designed to cheer up your day; the Wearable Art range which is created from Penny’s own paintings or photographs, and the Gallery range which is themed, and currently inspired by Black Square on White Ground by artist Kazimir Malevich.

fletcherLovell sizing is European and closely matches Australian and US sizes. Sizes start at EU36 (Aus6) and goes up to EU42 (12), and includes half sizes between EU37 – 41.

The shoes are handcrafted by a local Spanish family business that makes shoes for some of the biggest European brands. “When I started this journey, I had samples made from different overseas manufacturers but they were not the quality I was looking for,” says Penny. “I’m a huge fan of Spanish made shoes and I’m thrilled with this manufacturer. The quality of their craftsmanship and beauty of the leathers is unparalleled.


Belle – in bright and sunny yellow

“Our shoe boxes are also made in Spain, and one of the wonderful experiences of fLats is opening the box and working your way through the beautifully folded tissue paper to unveil silky smooth pristine shoes. It definitely makes me happy every time I open one of our boxes, and I’m hoping that everyone who attends FASHFEST will see the beauty of the colours and craftsmanship, and fall in love with our fLats.”

fletcherLovell is designed to be at the forefront of a new wave of women’s fashion; where women can embrace their individuality and know that they’re wearing not just shoes, but a work of art!

fletcherLovell fLats are available online at www.fletcherlovell.com ‘… colour your world; one step at a time’.


Annika – colouring your world …

Images courtesy fletcherLovell

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