What’s Buzzing in Canberra?

So what’s all the buzz about during DESIGN Canberra? By Wendy Johnson

Big picture, it’s about getting you connecting, creating and collaborating with the capital’s hugely talented artists, architects, craftspeople and designers around ‘all things design’. And that includes the festival’s unique DESIGN Buzz series.

Not quite a lecture and not quite a debate, DESIGN Buzz is an exciting opportunity to discuss big questions facing the world of design. Held over two nights (Monday 23 November and Tuesday 24 November), this is your chance to hear from some of the best in the design industry … experts with a deep understanding of what design means to our everyday lives. What it means for our sense of place. For our future. For our sense of well-being.SONY DSC

So here’s how it works.

DESIGN Buzz features two topics per night and two or three speakers per topic (some local, some from across Australia and some from overseas). Each has a short time to present thought-provoking ideas. Then the moderator throws the discussion open to the audience for a vibrant Q and A session. Craft ACT, which is bringing DESIGN Canberra to the capital, says this year’s DESIGN Buzz is, well, buzzier than ever. It’s designed to be energetic. It’s designed to get you involved.

And the topics you ask?

DESIGN Buzz_ Jeremy Lepisto

DESIGN Buzz_ Jeremy Lepisto

Me → We (Session 1, Monday)

How important is collaboration when creating works for the public realm? How does it work?

Join glass artist Jeremy Lepisto (Canberra) and collaborative partners Lynda Roberts and Paul Gazzola (Victoria) who will explain their approaches to collaboration in the highly diverse and challenging creative sector. Lynda manages the Public Art Program at the City of Melbourne and Paul is an artist and curator.



DESIGN Buzz - LeahHeiss

DESIGN Buzz – LeahHeiss

Living Design (Session 2, Monday)

How can design support a healthy lifestyle? What design tools can we use to improve our quality of life?

Leah Heiss (Victoria), a trans-disciplinary designer whose practice is at the nexus of art, design and science, takes the podium with Dr Liz Format (ACT), Professor of Palliative Care for Calvary Health Care and the Australian Catholic University. Liz’s research focuses on how people with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions and their relatives can find ways to cope.



Placemaking and Culture (Session 1, Tuesday)

Is there an Australian design culture? If so what’s it all about?

Join Lucy Simpson, an Aboriginal artist/designer (NSW) who focuses on storytelling and the narrative in her work, and Professor Jessica Hemmings (Ireland), Professor of Visual Culture and Head of the School of Visual Culture and the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. Jessica writes, curates and lectures about textiles and their role within culture and society.

DESIGN Buzz_Ingrid van der Wacht

DESIGN Buzz_Ingrid van der Wacht


Sustainable Futures (Session 2, Tuesday)

What are the future ways of designing for sustainability—the quality of life for future generations? How can you get involved?

Connector, communicator and collaborator, Ingrid van der Wacht (Netherlands), will be in Australia to talk about design as a driver for innovation, economic growth and sustainable thinking. She’ll join Peter Cumming (NSW), founder of Sustainable Futures Australia, who works with local communities on creating sustainable housing.


DESIGN Buzz is far from a passive event. Design is all around us. Learn more. Have your say.

The Buzz: Monday 23 November and Tuesday 24 November 2015 at Ainslie Arts Centre from 7pm. More info at www.designcanberrafestival.com.au

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