By Wendy Johnson

Who doesn’t love gorgeous ceramics? Bold and bright, cool and comfortable, smooth or rough textured; ceramics can be treasured functional home-wear or a stunning piece of object d’art, and you can find all this and more at the Market Place at the National Gallery of Australia on Sunday 12 July as part of the prestigious Stepping-Up Australian Ceramics Triennale 2015. Here is sneak peek of what’s on offer this Sunday.

Rich gold by Johanna DeMaine

Rich gold by Johanna DeMaine (image courtesy artist)

Market Place is dedicated entirely to ceramics and is presented in partnership with the National Gallery of Australia, hosted in Gandel Hall.  Selected local and national artists will present their work to ceramics enthusiasts and collectors during this exciting event. Visitors will be delighted with a wide range of unique functional products for the home as well as stunning exhibition and sculptural pieces to add to their collections.

'Flower Pots' by Stephanie Hammill

‘Flower Pots’ by Stephanie Hammill (image courtesy artist)

Beautiful Waratah bowl by Denise McDonald

Beautiful Waratah bowl by Denise McDonald (image courtesy artist)

Gandel Hall all is a majestic, multipurpose venue. It is spacious, light-filled and exquisitely detailed with gold-leaf doors and red, iron bark floors, and opens onto the new Australian Garden in which James Turrell’s monumental sky-space offers guests an extraordinary experience of Canberra’s picturesque skies.

National Gallery of Australia

National Gallery of Australia

In conjunction with Market Place, the Gallery will be offering two free guided tours of Australian Decorative Arts at 12pm and 2pm on Sunday.

Collection by Mollie Bosworth

Collection by Mollie Bosworth (image courtesy artist)

Media: https://www.facebook.com/SteppingUpAustralianCeramicsTriennalefref=ts  





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