What’s the Fashion-Nation with Cooma?

Fifteen year old Charly Thorn is showcasing her young and vibrant designs at Cooma’s FASHION-NATION event this Saturday.

Article from the Cooma-Monaro Express by Tina Zunic http://www.coomaexpress.com.au/ 

MOVE over Alex Perry and Collette Dinnigan, a new and upcoming Australian designer will soon be dominating the catwalks with her vibrant designs and bold statement pieces. Check out teenage fashion talent Charly Thorn who is designing bold and exciting pieces for ages 12 – 18.


Local Cooma student, Charly Thorn, 15, has been designing and creating clothes from the age of four and now has built up quite a fan base who follow her latest designs on her Instagram account, @Chrosedesigns. “I’ve always loved clothes and dressing up my Barbie dolls when I was young,” Charly explained. “I’ve always been interested in the shapes of clothing and I was always very picky with what I wore.”


Charly’s mother, Jude Little believed that her daughter’s passion for fashion began long before she even realised. “I think it was in her right from the start, she started making clothes at a very early age,” Ms Little explained. “She would come out with a long princess dress on made entirely from cardboard or whatever she could find.”


However even after exploring design at an early age, Charly explains that she is still discovering her own unique style. “That’s the one thing I don’t know of quite yet, I haven’t really figured out my style yet but I guess I’ve got a few years to develop that and think about what I really love,” Charly said.

Charly will be debuting her six latest pieces at the Community Chest Fashion Show, What’s the FASHION-NATION? this Saturday. “I’m using shapes, cut outs and pops of colour for the show on Saturday,” Charly explained. “It’s just very youthful and the clothes are for girls my age, I’ve very nervous about it but very excited.”


As for the future, Charly is focused on finishing high school and would like to continue her education in design with hopes of becoming a full time designer.

What’s the FASHION-NATION? is at Cooma Railway Station this Saturday, October 18 at 6.30pm. Tickets are available from the Fabric Salon, and Cooma Visitors Centre.


Photos from The Style Council http://www.thestylecouncil.net/

Check out Charly’s designs at http://instagram.com/chrosedesigns

Thanks to My Memories of Cooma https://www.facebook.com/groups/258608514348285/?fref=ts

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